Do you Want to Clean your Wooden Furniture? You Need to Read This!

how to clean wooden furniture using simple ideas and techniques

It is extremely important for you to clean your wooden furniture on daily basis to maintain its look and utility in the longer run. We cannot stop the accumulation of dust and other stains on furniture surface. So let’s learn some easy ways of cleaning the wooden furniture.

Know the wood finish

Do you really think that every cleansing technique can work out on all kinds of woods? Not at all. If we talk about furniture items made of unsealed wood, we need to clean them using slightly soapy solution. Whereas, varnished furniture items can be dusted with a dry piece of cloth even. And what to do if there are stubborn stains on furniture? You simply need to clean them with a diluted soap solution and dry furniture item immediately with a soft piece of cloth.

In case you have furniture made of veneers, you can still apply soapy solution on it to clean any stains, but then again it is advised to dry the surface immediately.

Apply these simple tips

You may find many furniture cleaning agents and chemicals in the market that may serve the purpose, but what could be better than making a cleaning agent at home and using it whenever you need to refresh the finish of your furniture items?

Mix two teaspoons of olive oil in a teaspoon of lemon nectar. Moisten a piece of cloth with this solution and wipe your furniture items with it. In case you find obstinacy in stains, you can moisten a soft brush with the same solution and remove the stain using the brush. Always dry the surface using soft cloth.

If your furniture piece has a detachable glass in it, do not let the solution settle at the cusp of wooden and glass surfaces.


As we know prevent is better than cure. Always keep in mind the following things to maintain your furniture items.

  • Avoid leaving your furniture under the sun, as it will impair the shine of the wooden surface.
  • Save your furniture from moisture even while cleaning. Dry immediately after applying liquid cleaning agents.
  • Do the cleaning on daily basis

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