Practical Methods to Preserve your Vintage Furniture

how to refresh the look of antique and vintage furniture items using different techniques

Your grandfather’s table, chair or any other vintage furniture piece that had been passed on to you should be one of your most precious possessions. Daily wear and tear largely impairs the look of vintage wooden furniture over the course of time, and you cannot apply the same preservation techniques to the vintage items which are applied to the modern furniture these days.

So, keeping in view the value of vintage furniture pieces, we would like to share some handy tips with you to help you maintain your priced possessions in the long term.

Heat is furniture’s enemy, keep your precious pieces away from it

Never be careless about placing your vintage furniture pieces under the sun and let the sunlight tarnish their appearance. Also keep antique items away from other heating elements, as this could affect veneers, marquetry, inlays, and glued joints. So, it is really wise to keep your furniture out of the reach of radiators, air-conditioning vents, heating devices and stoves. Also remain careful about the humidity level of your room. Better use humidifiers and dehumidifiers to normalise the humidity level and preserve your antique furniture pieces from erosion caused by humidity.

Pests love your furniture, but you should get rid of them

Pests and rats may find your antique furniture a good sanctuary for excretion. And excretory particles may leave stains and blight the look of your precious items. Moreover, insects especially termites find their food in the wood and create exit holes leaving sawdust under the furniture items. Here, I suggest you to avail services of an exterminator to get rid of pests and thus save your vintage furniture items from the attack of pests.

Don’t you think it is equally important for you to handle your furniture with care?

Mishandling a furniture item may lead to irreparable loses, and you cannot afford it when its about an antique furniture piece which is no more available in the market. Always check loose joints before moving your furniture. Never move a chair by holding back splats, instead grip seat rails to move an antique chair. Similarly, a vintage table should be moved by gripping legs and not by the table top. Plus, the antique furniture items which have become frail with time should not be dragged across the floor. They should be lifted first and moved thenceforth.

When needed, use finishing materials available in the market

Daily wear and tear affects furniture finish to an extent that it needs to be replenished. To reverse that, you need to use replenishing materials. If you are living in Lahore, you can find replenishing material in Al Hamra Town, and if you are a resident of Karachi, you can find restoration items at the furniture market in Saddar area. The process of replenishing the vintage furniture items using restoration materials would also remove accumulated dirt. Moreover, it is better to use high-quality paste wax to enhance the look of antique furniture pieces, instead of using any ordinary oil.

Don’t show sluggishness in cleaning vintage furniture on regular basis

Clean your furniture items on regular basis, and keep your sluggishness aside if you really want to see your vintage furniture items shining in the longer run. Always use soft and lint-free cloth to dust the furniture items and dust them daily to stop the accumulation of dirt and save your priced-items from erosion.

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