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Kids Bed – View Latest Designs of Children Beds

Kids need to have an ambiance that matches their babyish sensation. Kids are beautiful and so their beds should be. Their beds for kids are designed to make them attractive and match the style of their rooms. Kids also have sentiments and they really get attracted to colorful things. So, kids beds are given different colors and styles to make them attractive and catchy, while keeping the comfort up to the mark.

Mostly, Kids car beds are made of wood. However, you may find double beds made of other materials in the market. Manufacturers of kids beds tend to give different babyish styles and looks to the beds in order to make them match kids moods. These children beds are usually smaller in size, with dimensions matching to that of a single bed.

Variety of Beds for Kids at Apnafurniture

You may find kids beds at different furniture showrooms, with prices varying as per specifications, quality of material and wood used. You may also find cabinets and drawers, for keeping the belongings of kids, in a package along with these beds. Sometimes, kids beds are also designed as bunker beds (two or more storey beds) with a beautiful stair attached for reaching the upper storey(s) of the beds in kids furniture.

At, you can find various listings of beds for girls and boys. So, browse the listings, select your designs, see the prices and contact kids beds dealers.

Kids Beds

Well it is true that when your child leaves the crib or baby cot, he/she becomes more demanding. And when you realize that it’s time to invest in children bed, you must know that – Pakistan’s No.1 furniture website is by your side to provide you a product that you and your kids will adore for a long period of time.  So, what will you find here when you plan to buy kids bed? Please read on to find out!

  • A wide range – For your convenience, we have listed a wide range of kids beds for sale, so that there is something for everyone to buy
  • Material Variations – Here you will find toddler beds for sale made of engineered wood and of solid plus engineered wood as well.
  • Various prices – Since we have a huge range of kids bed designs, we are able to offer a good range of prices as well
  • Fine finish – Quality is something that we do not compromise on. So, if you are here, rest assured, you will get the best kids bed.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

If you have a separate bedroom for your kids, accommodating it with children bedroom furniture is a must for you. If you find it obligatory for yourself to buy double bed for you yourself, then your kids deserve the same. At the same time, it is necessary for you to consult your kids for finalizing the color tones, because your kids are going to use that furniture and their choices must be taken into consideration. Usually, pinks kids beds are for girls, while blue kids beds are for boys. But then again, everyone has their own choices and kids are no different.

Kids Bed Design

When comes the design of children bed, you should know that the options are plenty. Only one thing that needs to be taken care of is: safety. The edges must be smooth and overall design of furniture should be functional enough for kids. For instance, the height of kids bed should not be more than 15 inches. This will allow your kids to easily get to bed and leave it. Secondly, kids usually fall from bed, while sleeping, so low height of bed is totally in their favour. The last but not the least, children jump on their beds, and if the height of bed less than the normal single beds for sale, your kid is going to be safe, InshaALLAH.

Kids Double Bed

Usually a double for children is not suggested, unless two kids are going to use it. Since kids do not need much space, you can simply go for queen size bed. This means the ideal size of children double bed is 5 feet wide and 6.5 feet long. And if you still think this is bigger for your children, we are here to provide you customized kids beds according to your room size.

Kids Bed for Sale

The trend to buy kids beds online is spiking with the passage of time. That’s because people want convenience and prefer doorstep delivery of furniture. Here at we deliver what we show online, however, you should expect a difference of 5% to 7% between the picture and actual product because of natural factors.

Kids Bed Online

Why should you trust to buy children beds online? Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Best Kids Beds Price – We strive to provide the best products at market competitive prices. So, trust us when we say we can offer our best possible prices.
  • Fast Delivery – We set timelines for many things that we do here and on-time delivery is just no different.
  • High-end Quality – Why would buy a product, if it doesn’t match your quality preference. Rest assured, we are here to offer quality, and that at a market competitive price.