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Bunker beds are double or multi-storey beds that are usually used in the kids room furniture and hostels. However, some people may also prefer to have bunker beds in usual bed rooms. The main benefit of bunker bed is that they take less space and provide bed capacity for multiple individuals.

Bunker beds are usually made of wood and iron. A stair is attached to the bed for providing access to upper storey of the bunker beds. Not every furniture showroom keeps bunker beds at their showrooms because these beds are not widely used in Pakistan and are in less demand. However, the availability of bunker beds is more probable at the showrooms that deal in kids and hostel furniture. These beds are best suited for the hostels because with these beds hostels can provide bed spaces to a number of people living in hostels.

The prices of these kids beds vary according to the number of stories, material used in manufacturing and their designs. Some furniture dealers may also offer custom bunk bed designs if they deal in made-to-order items.

Double Story Bed for Sale

At, you can find various listings of bunker beds, bedroom furniture and other furniture design available for sale. Browse these listings and contact the dealers/sellers of bunker beds after seeing their designs and prices on the website.

Bunk Beds

Before delving deeper into the details, let’s first define bunk beds here, because it has been seen that many people don’t know what this furniture piece is.

Definition: A bunk bed can simply be defined as a pair of single beds placed over each other. This means, this furniture piece covers the space of a single bed but has a capacity to accommodate two individuals.

Now that we have defined these twin beds, let’s explore them in detail.

Bunk Beds for Kids

Purchasing furniture for kids is always fun and bunk beds is one of the products that kids adore. However, it’s only a myth that only children can use these beds. The mattress size of a bunk bed  is 42” x 78”, that is, 3.5 feet x 78 feet. This simply means that twin beds can also be used by adults. However, if you want some customization in sizes, then it is simply possible at – Pakistan’s No.1 furniture website.

Iron Bunk Beds Price in Pakistan

The price of bunk beds in Pakistan varies based on multiple factors including design of bunk beds, material used, quality of finish, polish and deco paint. Some people also want this furniture item in Iron. However, the following must be taken care of when you buy iron bunk bed

  • Iron Gauge: You must ensure that iron used is 18 gauge or more. A low gauge iron might not be suitable if the bed is used by adults.
  • Smooth Edges: The product must be smooth at the edges so that it does not hurt the user, especially kids
  • Easy movement: A twin bed made of iron must be easy to move, which means it must come in pieces, which could be jointed together, so that movement is easy.

Bunk Bed for Sale

If you are looking for a twin bed or a bunk bed, you must know there is large variety of bunk beds available for sale on So, what types of bed can you find here:

  1. Bunk Beds made with engineered wood (synthetic wood)
  2. Bunk beds made of iron
  3. Bunk beds made of Keekar Wood

What should you know before buying a bunk bed?

Twin beds are not necessarily inexpensive, so before you buy a bunk bed for yourself or your kids, you must take the following into consideration:

  • Room Measurements – Take some extra time to do your room measurements, where you intend to place the bed. Also, take the entrance door into consideration, so that you do not face any trouble later.
  • Know the bed purpose in advance ­­– Although it is obvious that the beds are used for sleeping. However, who will use the bed defines the design of bunk bed. For instance, if your kids are the users, pointy edges and bulgy designs are not at all suggested. On the other hand, if adults are going to use this furniture piece, the whole product must be sturdy and long lasting.
  • What’s the perfect height? As you know a twin bed has two stories, and its height can be adjusted. So before ordering, your must know how high your roof is, for the bed to easily set in. Height that provides the best utilization of the product is simply perfect.
  • Should it have some fun factor? Obviously if kids are going to use. Bunk beds with slides can also be made available. And what else could be more exciting for kids if they have a slide attached to their bed?
  • Bunk bed with storage space – If you don’t have a wardrobe in the room, your bunk bed can simply have storage boxes underneath to keep your belongings. This will be a highly cost-effective storage option.

Bunk Bed Shops

Gone are the days when you had to spare your precious time to go from one shop to another physically at the expense of your fuel cost. With online revolution in the field of furniture as well, now you can browse a wide range of bunk bed designs online. With that said, no need to look bunk bed shops in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi or any other city, because now you can place order online.

What’s the procedure to place order?

The procedure is simple and is as follows:

  • Choose your bunk bed design
  • Talk to us on call to discuss the size and color options available
  • Place your order by making some down payment
  • Get your bed delivered after making the remaining payment

Please note that delivery charges will apply and will vary from city to city.

Online Bunk Beds

So, what are the care instructions that you need to follow to safely buy bunk beds online see the pointers below:

  • Look for comments – You need to look for the feedback that other have given for the product you have liked.
  • Confirm Dimensions – you must know the dimensions of the product beforehand, so that you could buy the right furniture that would serve your need
  • Talk to the seller – It’s always advisable to talk to the seller on phone or WhatsApp, so that you could confirm all product details beforehand and do not end up buying a wrong piece of furniture.
  • Make payment through secured ways – If you are in the same city, you can make payment in cash upon receiving the product. Otherwise, always send payment to the company’s account, and not to any personal account. Also, ask for the NTN of the company.

Bunk Beds for girls & Boys

Some people also relate furniture to the gender of the user. For example, dressing tables are majorly used by girls, more than boys. Same goes for bunk beds for girls and boys. If you are getting a bed made of engineered wood, you might find colors such as pink, red and other lighter tones for girls. On the other hand, for boys, blue, brown and other darker shades are available. If you are going for solid wood with paint finish, then any color of your choice can be made available. However, it is suggested to keep the finish natural with wood polishes if the furniture is made up of wood.

Bunk Bed with Slide

Well, it’s a matter of choice what your kids need and what you prefer for them. Some parents might think that a bunk bed with an attached slide is not a good idea to ensure children safety. However, for others it could be an exciting thing to provide kids with a slide right in their bedroom. Anyway, whatever, the case may be, we can serve both mindsets.

So, without ado, please feel free to call us and talk to our expert right now to get yourself a bunk bed that you could adore for long term.