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Office chair is another office furniture item and holds an integral importance. This furniture item is available in different styles and designs for catering to the requirements of different offices. Swiveling executive chairs are mostly used in the offices. However, other types of chairs are also used in the offices.

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The price of this furniture item varies on the basis of its features, quality and type of material used in its manufacturing. The importance of this furniture item can be assessed from the fact that you will not find a single physical office that does not keep this furniture item in its premises.

While procuring it, you should always remain conscious about the durability and long-term usage. Office furniture is meant for long-term usage and buying low quality furniture will lead to the wastage of business resources.

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Office chairs are usually available at those furniture showrooms and shops that deal in office furniture. allows you to browse the listings of comfortable office chairs available for sale by different furniture vendors. You can check the styles and prices of this furniture item on the website and contact their vendors. We aim to make it easy for the people to search furniture online and contact furniture dealers and vendors easily. Please mention the name of the website while contacting any dealer.

Interesting facts about office chairs.
Here are some of the interesting facts about that you use today.

    • Invention of office chair

Do you know who is real known face behind this big invention called office chair? Guess what? He is the same man who claimed that human beings were evolved from primates. I don’t know if you agree with this “primates” thing, but the fact is: Mr Darwin invented office chairs. He added wheels to his chair to ensure that he could move quickly to get to his specimen. Good thinking, isn’t it? How do we use them today? Mostly, to get quickly to the printer?

    • Office Chair Design

Yes, it is true to some extent that comfort was the aim behind the development of a proper office chair. However, do you think that the idea came from the heart of designers? Not really! As office chairs were designed so to ensure that employees remained seated longer and had complete productivity at work.

    • A different way of using office chairs

You think that office chairs were used only in the offices and other professional environments? Thing again. You are wrong. They were used in a sport back in 2009 in an event called German Office Chair Racing Championship, which was held in Germany. A downhill race was organized and according to a report, 70 individuals brought their office chairs to the racing track. Do you know what the only rule of the game was? It was necessary to wear helmet by every participant. And guess what? Many people fell down from their chairs during the race and many didn’t make it to the end point. And yes, it was a 170-metre race.

    • Evolution of the term “chair”

Where did this word “chair” come from? It was derived from a Latin word, cathedra, which means “sit” and “down”. Have you ever heard any of your colleagues saying: “That’s my cathedra, please give it back to me”? No, right? It’s because the term is archaic and we are familiar to the term called office chair.

Buy office chairs for sale

Now that you know many fun facts about office chairs, how about buying some for yourself and your staff. Here on, we have a wide range of office chairs for sale. The range includes high back office chairs, low back office chairs, staff office chairs, executive office chairs and much more.

How to buy office chairs from us?

We deliver across Pakistan in a proper packing. So, if you have chosen your office chairs, please feel free to give us a call on the given numbers. We will dispatch your order as soon as possible. And guess what?

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Our office chair prices are quite competitive as compared to market. We have done a thorough market research to offer you office chairs at attractive rates. So look no further, you have reached your destination to buy office chairs in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan. We would love to hear from you.

Ergonomic Office Chairs 

These chairs are also famous for their design. It helps the person sitting in a proper posture to lessen their work stress. They have an adjustable seat, backrest and headrest that is best for an office to provide relax atmosphere to the employees. Especially, if you have long working hours, then prefer ergonomic chairs for your office.

How reliable are our office chairs?

Client satisfaction is something that we never compromise on. And we ensure our clients and prospective buyers that our office chairs are reliable for long-term use. We have been into the business for quite some time now and have always given client satisfaction much more importance.

The city of Lahore is vibrant when it comes to business and trading and its furniture market is no less hyperactive and full of swing.

Considering the large number of companies and corporate offices in the city, the demand for office chairs Lahore is high.

The following are the brands you should head to for finding office furniture in Lahore.

  • Master Offisys – the brand offers premium quality office chairs, tables and other office items, but not everyone can afford these items
  • Interwood Mobel – Along with home furniture, this brand is well known among office furniture buyers.
  • Profine World – The brand offers high quality furniture and has a rich history
  • Woodpecker – This is a relatively new brand and it supplies imported office chairs all across Pakistan
  • Mechano – The brand has a wide range of office chairs and tables and is one of the largest in Lahore
  • Offix – The last but not least, this brand has good market share in Lahore

Custom designed Chairs are perfect for the offices, especially to place in the manager’s room or the CEO. Tall office chairs or sofas can be custom made as per your requirements.

Executive Chairs are somehow comparable to task chairs, but large in size. They are more comfortable and have more padding. At the same time, executive chairs are more expensive than other types of office chairs.

The first and foremost reason behind the promising aura of an office its décor. Obviously, your office décor will reflect the image how you treat your employees, work ethics and most importantly, the image you want to show to your customers. It would not be wrong to say that an office décor also plays a vital role in increasing the business revenue. Therefore, always make sure to provide comfortable and relaxed working atmosphere. However, now the question is what sort of office furniture you require to create a strong and healthy working relationship with your employees and clients.

Office Chairs in Karachi

It is very important to purchase the best kind of furniture that help you to improve your office appearance. Especially, your office chairs should amazingly designed to make your office appearance professional and classy at the same time. There is a wide range of office chairs available, but be choosy about the design, color, material and budget. Always consider office chairs that ultimately compliment the nature of your business.

Office Chairs for Sale in Karachi

Before purchasing an office chair, you need to know about your needs first. Moreover, keep in mind about the office chair price in Karachi. We offer you reasonable prices when it comes to office chairs or other furniture and we have a good range of options for you to choose from.

Revolving Chairs Price in Karachi

Also known as task chairs, revolving chairs are quite popular nowadays and comfortable in sitting. They have a swivel mechanism and casters at the base. You can adjust the chair height according to your requirements and posture. Task chairs are perfect to use for long hours, especially for developers, call centers, gamers etc. An employee can easily work and feel relaxed while sitting in a revolving chair. On you can get revolving chairs at a very affordable price as compared to the market rate in different designs and colors.