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Centre tables are commonly used in houses and they are named so because they are usually placed in the centre of the room or other furniture placed in the room. People usually prefer to place centre table in their living room/lounge and drawing room.

They come in different styles and usually match the sofas and dining tables if purchased in a set. Moreover, some people also like to procure side tables with the center tables.

You will find these tables at almost all the furniture showrooms and shops that sell general furniture items. The price of this item depends on the design and material used in its manufacturing. These tables are usually structured with wood and a glass top is placed on the wooden base. Plus, decoration pieces are sited on these tables to further embellish their look.

You can find a range centre tables with matching side tables in the market. However, the choice of table should be based on overall look of the room where you plan to place it.

Center table is an integral part of every house as they refine the look of the abode. allows you to browse the listings of centre tables and other furniture design. You can check designs of the tables and contact relevant sellers/dealers.

As the name indicates, a center table is a central furniture item holding an anchor position in any living room or drawing room. So, of you looking to buy center table online in Pakistan, please know that you are at the right place: – Pakistan’s leading and most trusted furniture website. We have an unmatched range of center table in Pakistan and quality is something that we do not afford to compromise. Rest assured, when you are at, quality should never be a matter of concern.

Wooden Center Table

You can buy wooden center tables or the ones that are made with engineered wood. Wooden ones can be polish finish or in deco paint finish. However, if you are going for a wooden center table online, we suggest you go for polish finish, because furniture polish enhances the wood texture, while deco paint hides that texture.

Sofa Center Table

Center table are usually placed in between sofa sets, which is why they are sometimes called as sofa center tables online. The size of these tables depends on the space available. However, the standard size of a center table is 4 feet x 2 feet. And if you are buying a center table set, the side tables can be of 2 feet x 2 feet each. Here at, we make customized center tables, while ensuring high quality. So if you want customized sizes, please feel free to call us.

Wooden Center Table for Living Room

As mentioned earlier as well, center tables are placed mostly in the living room. And this is a furniture piece, that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room. In fact, if you buy wooden center table for living room, you will realize that this will attract much of your attention as well as your guests, because it holds a central position.

Center Table for Drawing Room

Even in your drawing room you need a center table or coffee table to make it look attractive. In fact, your drawing room cannot be termed complete without a center table in it. Imagine how beautiful your drawing room will look, with an elegantly designed center table placed right in the middle. So, if you are looking to buy wooden center table for drawing room or any other material, rest assured, is your partner.

Modern Center Table

Here at Apnafurniture, we believe that what you like is the modern. Although we have latest center tables for sale online, however, the decision to call something modern lies with you, not us! Our latest modern table designs are all attractive, however, modernism is subjective. And if you want a customized piece for yourself, know that we are here to serve you in that context as well.

Center Table with Glass Top

It is suggested that you buy center table with glass top online. Why? Because glass acts as a shield and can help increase life of your center table. For example, if you mistakenly drop water, tea or coffee on the table, the glass top will save your table. However, there is an alternative as well. If you go for laminated engineered wood, the lamination on tabletop will also save your table from water and other liquids. However, it is suggested that you clean the surface immediately, so that the liquid doesn’t seep in.

Center Table Designs’s center table designs online are all latest. However, what is latest and what’s not is a matter of choice. And here on the portal, the choice is all yours! We do not call something latest just because something attracts to our eyes. We continuously upload new designs of center tables and leave it to you to choose the one that you like you like the most.

Question: What is the range for Center Table Price?
Answer: On, you can buy center table in a price ranging between Rs 2800 and Rs 45,000. We try to keep our prices minimum as possible. However, we are still open for discussion. So please feel free to call us if you have any queries regarding our prices.

Question: What to do if I want to buy center table for sale in Lahore?
Answer: To buy center table in Lahore, you simply need to place your order online or give us a call, so that we could discuss sizes and color requirements and then process your order. We offer doorstep delivery for furniture products. However, minimal delivery charges will apply.

Question: What is the procedure to buy center table for sale in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?
Answer: The procedure is simple to buy center table in Islamabad or Rawalpindi. You need to select the design you like and place order on the website. Otherwise, you can call us to place your order. We will collect necessary details from you and then process your order in the minimum time possible.

Question: How can your buy center table for sale in Karachi?
Answer: operates in all major cities across Pakistan and Karachi is certainly no exception. So, if you want to buy center table in Karachi, we are here to serve.