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Dressing table usually comes in package with bed. However, you may also get this furniture item out of the package. This bedroom furniture item consists of a mirror and set of drawers and usually chair. In front of this table, a person dresses up or wears make up.

This piece of bedroom furniture is usually matched in style with the bed and side tables. However, a discrete dressing table which is not a part of bedroom furniture package may be of different design and style. As per price of a modern dressing table is concerned, you may get it at a cheaper rate if you are procuring this furniture item with other bedroom furniture. However, if you are procuring it in discretion, it may cost you much, comparatively. The cost of a dressing table may also be dependent on the style, type of mirror and material used in its manufacturing.

Dressing Table with Mirror on

Owing to their common use in our society, you may find dressing tables at almost every other furniture showroom and at different prices. You should buy one that matches the overall look of your bedroom and does not cover much space and make the room congested.

At, you can find a range of dressing tables. Browse the listings, see the dressing table design and contact dealers and sellers or dressing tables.

It is a table or stand coupled with a mirror, sitting in front of which people dress up, comb hair, apply makeup and get ready. It is a must-have furniture piece in bedroom. However, some houses have a dedicated dressing area where they put their dressing table.

Dressing Table Mirror

The mirror summoned by this furniture piece is called as dressing table mirror. This mirror can be in round, square, oval or rectangular shape, as per the choice of user and space available. It can be wall-mounted or attached to the table.

Modern Dressing Table

These days modern dressing tables are used, which are sleek in design and do not take much space. They are vertical and have one or two drawers, while some have one drawer and a cabinet underneath. As the name indicates, no or little wood carving is done on this furniture item.

Dressing Table new design

Here on the website, we have listed many new designs of dressing tables. You can either go with one of our designs or you can share your design with us, and we will make it for you.

Girls dressing table

Dressing tables are mainly used by girls. Although men also use them, but this particular furniture piece accommodates much of the girly stuff including makeup, hair dryers, combs etc. Even men use the dressing mirror to dress up, comb hair etc.

Dressing table with lights

A dressing table with lights is effective to highlight facial features and dress up properly. Usually the light is attached to the mirror so that brightness around the mirror could be enhanced.

Wooden dressing table

Some people prefer engineered wood for contemporary designs, while others opt for wooden dressing table made with Sheesham wood, Keekar wood, yellow pine wood, ash wood, oak wood, walnut wood and their veneers. These dressing tables usually have carving. However, wooden pieces with no carving are also in fashion.

Wall dressing table

As the name suggests, a wall mounted dressing table is attached to the wall. Mostly, vertical in design, this type of dressing table is suggested for small spaces. At the same time, such furniture pieces are also used to enhance the room aura and add to its chic look and aesthetic appeal, irrespective of the space available.

Simple dressing table

Usually made with engineered wood, simple dressing tables are easy to move and are relatively cheaper. On the other hand, they consume relatively lesser space.

Bedroom dressing table

It has been mentioned before as well, that dressing tables are mostly meant for the bedrooms. However, a dressing mirror can also be mounted on wall with a vanity table.

Dressing table for sale

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Dressing table price

It is obvious that the price of dressing tables varies because of the factors such as design, material used, paint or polish finish, and size. You must bear in mind, that you can find a dressing table for as low as Rs 7000 and the price can even exceed Rs 100,000 for this furniture item.

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Kids Dressing Table

We even have kids dressing tables for both baby boys and baby girls. You can choose any color and size, as we are open to customization.

Dressing Table in Pakistan

We deliver dressing tables in Pakistan and the delivery charges vary from area to area. So, if you have any queries, regarding delivery, please feel free to contact us.