Wrought Iron Beds

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Different Wrought Iron Bed Design available on

As the name denotes, iron beds are made of iron. In Pakistan, iron beds are gaining importance with time for which furniture dealers display iron these beds at their furniture showrooms to meet the needs of their clientele.

Wrought Iron beds are available in different designs and colors in the market. And as per their dimensions and sizes are concerned, these beds are available in both single and double beds capacities. You can use foam and spring mattresses on these beds. However, spring mattresses are more in fashion with iron beds. The prices of these beds vary in accordance to the design of the bed and material used in its manufacturing.

Latest Steel Bed for Sale in Pakistan

You can also find a complete package of iron bed with side tables and a dressing table included in the package. However, in case you don’t want to buy side tables and dressing table then some dealers also sell iron beds alone. Today, these beds are available in almost all furniture markets. You just need to cherry-pick the one that matches your needs and looks good to eyes. provides various listings of steel beds. Start browsing the listings, see different designs of iron beds along with their respective prices and contact wrought iron beds dealer.

Rod Iron bed

You might think that you can embellish your bedroom furniture with only wooden pieces. However, this is not the case, as the market is oozing with options galore. Making it to the spotlight, Rod Iron Beds are witnessing high demand, as many people prefer to buy wrought iron beds these days. So, what can you find out on – Pakistan’s best furniture website in terms of Rod Iron Beds for sale, please read on to find out.

Iron Double Bed

Here on the website, you will not only find wooden double beds, but also beautiful Iron Double Bed Designs that you can simply love and bring home. Just like other beds, the size of and Iron Double Bed can be king or queen. This means, you can get this bed in any of the following sizes:

King Size Iron Double Bed
6.5 Feet Length and 6 Feet Width

Queen Size Iron Double Bed
6.5 Feet Length and 5 Feet Width

Wrought Iron Single Bed

If you are a single person, or your have a hostel or dormitory, you can simply go for Wrought Iron Single Beds. Why? Because, Rod Iron Single Beds tend to be sturdy and durable for long term use. This means their wear and tear ratio is notably less as compared to wooden single beds available for sale. So, what size can you get? The mattress size of a single bed is as follows:

Single Rod Iron Bed Size
5 feet length and 3.5 feet width

Wrought Iron Bed Design

You will find solid wrought iron beds in various designs. Some would be heavy, while others would be intricate in design. However, it is suggested you go for a light iron bed and that’s because of the following three factors:

  • You will have to pay less price
  • Movement would be easy
  • It would not start looking bad to the eyes after some months of usage

Wrought Iron Bed Price

When it comes to rod iron bed price in Pakistan, you should know that the price varies according to the design, material used and finish. For instance, if you would go for a single-color tone, the price would be less, and it would obviously increase if more colors are added.

On the other hand, you must be careful about the iron gauge being used to make the bed. At minimum, you should go for 18-gauge iron bed to have a long-lasting product. And guess what? Gauge is also a factor that determine iron bed price. So, if two different manufacturers are selling the same bed at notably different prices, it’s a clear sign that you need to confirm the iron gauge being offered by them respectively.

Wrought Iron Bed Lahore

If you are living in Lahore, you must know that there are only a few places that you can visit to buy wrought Iron beds in Lahore. That’s because these beds are less popular and only a few furniture sellers offer them. Well, when is here, you do not need to go elsewhere. We offer wrought iron beds in Lahore online at a reasonable price. Browse all the beds we have listed on the website and let us know if you have any queries.

Wrought Iron Bed Islamabad

We deliver rod Iron beds to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Although the delivery charges apply. However, the charges are low enough to afford easily. So, if you want to buy wrought iron bed in Islamabad, please note that we are here to serve you.

Wrought Iron Bed Karachi

The same goes for Karachi. We ensure doorstep delivery in the city of lights as well. We understand that Karachi is a diverse city with people from multiple backgrounds. So how can we ignore this city. You can now buy wrought iron beds in Karachi as well using