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Latest Single Bed Designs at Apnafurniture.PK

Single beds are the beds whose frame sizes are adjusted in a way to accommodate one person only. In Pakistani society, single beds are used in many houses and hostels. We can also say that the single beds have taken over Charpoys (Bedsteads consisting of a web of ropes), as many people now prefer single beds over the charpoys.

In houses these beds are usually used in kids rooms, however, their use is not limited to it. Customarily, the single beds in our society consist of three sections viz. head, frame and foot and these sections are detachable as well. But some beds are designed in a way that their sections are not detachable as these beds come in a single piece.

Beds of iron and wood are normally made and used in Pakistan. However, different types of woods are used for manufacturing these beds. Both spring and foam mattresses are used in these beds, depending on the preference of the user. Now, manufacturers also use foamy materials in the head and foot sections of the beds to make them look beautiful and attractive.

These single beds come in different price ranges, depending on their designs and quality of material used in their manufacturing. provides you an array of listings of single beds. You can browse these listings, see their designs and prices and contact single beds dealers.

Single Bed for Sale in Pakistan provides a platform to single beds sellers, office furniture and buyers to meet under one roof. So, start browsing.

Single Bed

Single bed is used mostly by those living alone or those having less space in the room for the double bed to set in. So, if you need single bed, you must know that you are at the right place. Here on – Pakistan’s No.1 furniture website – we have a good range of beds for you to choose from.

Single Beds for Sale

All single beds available for sale on the website are of high quality and the good thing is that, you can get your bed customized according to your color and design choices. However, please note that the original product might be slightly different from the picture due to many natural factors.

Single Bed Size

A standard single bed size is 78 inches long and 42 inches wide. This means the standard mattress size for a single is 6.5 ft x 3.5 ft. However, the height of headboard and foot board will vary according to the design.

Kids Single Bed

For kids single bed, mostly laminated sheets are used, as kids want bright colors. At the same time, single beds for kids are also made in deco finish, but the prices of such beds are higher. The fine deco finish gives you a choice of wide range of colors.

Olx single bed

The olx single bed might be used/old, however, on, you will find new products with excellent finish.

Single Bed Price

The price of single bed is dependent on the design, finish and structure. For example, if Sheesham wood is used in a bed, the price would be higher as compared to the bed made with Keekar Wood. On the other hand, a single bed made with engineered wood, also known as laminated sheets, will be lower.

Similarly, if you want deco finish on your bed, the price will be higher. And the last but not the least, product design will also be a factor determining the price. For instance, if a bed is heavily carved, the price of such bed will be higher as compared to simple one with no or less carving.

Wooden Single Bed

Some people prefer wooden single bed over the products made with engineered wood. However, the price of former will obviously be higher than the latter. Mostly, the frame of a wooden single bed is made up of solid wood, as the frame bears all the weight. However, the headboard and footboard are made up of medium density fiberboard.

Single Bed with Storage

As the name indicates, single bed with storage will have a storage box or multiple storage compartments under the foam board. Single beds with drawer(s) underneath are also in fashion. This gives enough storage space to the user to put their belongings in.

Girls single beds

The design and color of girls single beds are different from the beds made for boys. Mostly, girls prefer pinkish finish, while boys go for bluish tones. In fact, for wooden beds with polish finish, there is no such differentiation.

Iron Bed Single

Iron single beds are also preferred by some users. While buying an iron single bed, you must go for a high gauge of iron. The finish can be in black, white, golden or in any color of your choice.