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Single beds are the beds whose frame sizes are adjusted in a way to accommodate one person only. In Pakistani society, single beds are used in many houses and hostels. We can also say that the single beds have taken over Charpoys (Bedsteads consisting of a web of ropes), as many people now prefer single beds over the charpoys.

In houses these beds are usually used in kids rooms, however, their use is not limited to it. Customarily, the single beds in our society consist of three sections viz. head, frame and foot and these sections are detachable as well. But some beds are designed in a way that their sections are not detachable as these beds come in a single piece.

Beds of iron and wood are normally made and used in Pakistan. However, different types of woods are used for manufacturing these beds. Both spring and foam mattresses are used in these beds, depending on the preference of the user. Now, manufacturers also use foamy materials in the head and foot sections of the beds to make them look beautiful and attractive.

These single beds come in different price ranges, depending on their designs and quality of material used in their manufacturing. provides you an array of listings of single beds. You can browse these listings, see their designs and prices and contact single beds dealers.

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