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As soon as summer arrives and you know you can spend some quality time in your garden in the evenings, or you can enjoy sun bathing in winters too, one of the first thing to strike your mind is to get your garden furniture out of the storage ,clean it, and get ready for some relaxation.

But but but, that can only happen if it’s still in a good condition and has not worn out. If it doesn’t look as nice as it once did…then, TA-DA it’s time to buy a new one. Well, when it comes to buying furniture for your garden, you should be thankful because there are plenty of options available today to meet your needs regarding garden space but also look welcoming and cozy to you as well as your guests.

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture, also known as outdoor furniture, is kind of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use (Lawns, gardens, back yards, farmhouses, or simply kids play area). It is generally made up of weather-resistant material.

Choosing the right garden furniture material

Choosing the accurate material is important, too. Mostly, four main picks are wood; rattan; metal; and plastic materials. If you’re having a hut, cabin or shelter where you’re going keep it, you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting damaged or wet. If not, you will need to select garden furniture that can endure the extremities.

You have to be really good in your choice regarding furniture as you’re going to spend some relaxation time on it and you want it to be super comfortable for you. The first thing is to plan according to your outdoor area.

Always look for durable, well-built furniture yet not overlooking the need for comfort and design. Also, size matters. Too small and you wouldn’t want to be there for longer periods of time, too large and it won’t look like a garden.

Types of garden furniture

There are various types of outdoor furniture, a few of these are enlisted below;

  • Wooden
  • Bamboo furniture
  • Wicker or rattan furniture
  • Metal furniture
  • Plastic furniture (a.k.a. acrylic furniture)
  • Glass furniture
  • Concrete furniture

Rattan Furniture

Striking outdoor furnishings can make a huge difference between an ordinary looking garden and the one that is exquisite.  For coziness, good looks, and ease rattan garden furniture is an ultimate choice that packs a punch. Addition of rattan furniture to a garden provides it an instant special holiday flair.

Rattan is basically a nearby relative of the palm tree. It is a sort of a vine that speedily breeds in the jungles of South Eastern region. It develops in the form of a pole, and its span varies between one to three inches. Rattan is one of the sturdiest woods and owns the capability to raise up as high as hundred feet.

  1. Wicker

Rattan furniture is woven or wicker furniture in which wicker is the creation system or sort of furniture and rattan the material itself. Wickerwork is a kind of furniture that is knitted from thin canes or strips of material like willow, rattan or reed. Formerly, wickerwork was made of plant material only. This furniture is durable and lightweight (depending on any frame material used).

  1. Natural Rattan

When wicker furniture is made of rattan it is usually called rattan furniture as an alternative. Initially, there was only natural rattan knitting material, resulting from a large group of kinds of lianas or climbing palm trees. To make furniture, the peel, the inner core or the whole stem of the plant is used. Rattan is a very lightweight and supple material which makes it perfect for interlacing and also for garden furniture that you want to move around or store away simply.

  1. Polyrattan

Though natural rattan is very fast developing, most contemporary rattan garden furniture is composed of artificial rattan. This kind of material is made of polyethylene (PE), which is a kind of plastic. Polyethylene is the plastic material used worldwide. Polyrattan is a mixture of the words “polyethylene” and “rattan” and abbreviates simply to “rattan”. High quality polyrattan is long-lasting and lightweight. It needs least amount of maintenance and cleaning.

Synthetic rattan vs. other materials

Though natural rattan has pretty much good qualities (lightweight and durable), it isn’t mostly the first choice to keep in garden furniture let alone leave outdoor. In its place, synthetic rattan is a flawless choice for garden furniture. Built from modern materials make it robust, frivolous and weatherproof.  It’s also stress-free to clean and sustain expanding durability.

High-quality synthetic rattan is:

  • Supple and effortlessly interlaced into garden furniture
  • Extra lightweight than old-fashioned rattan
  • Sturdier and more resilient than natural rattan
  • Weatherproof along with UV resistant and won’t fade away in the sun
  • Impervious to swelling, rot or mold
  • Low upkeep garden furniture.


In order to make the most out of your outdoor space, picking the right garden furniture sets is essential. With hundreds of beautiful themes, materials and price ranges out there, what kind of furniture is the most appropriate?

  1. Garden Benches

Benches are a perfect choice for a limited yet wonderful warm & casual addition to any garden. They are presented in all kinds of materials. The best prevalent are built out of solid wood, cast iron & flat polyethylene weave. Also, they are excessive space saver as they are epitome for storage of garden tools, wellies, plant containers or any other garden stuff.

  1. Bistro Sets

Hailing from 19th Century, France, bistro furniture typically denotes to cafe tables, high stools and contains small round or oval table. Classically, bistro patio sets are made of steel with identical chairs, usually for two people. Modern, chic bistro sets come in all shapes and sizes and are not essentially built out of steel.

  1. Dining Sets

If you have a spacious lawn, a nice dining set will give it a cozy, friendly space for relishing your garden with friends and family. Most dining sets are offered with seating for four people, still larger sets are also there. Materials used in dining sets normally contain metal/mesh, resin weave and sustenance free wicker.

  1. Relaxer Chairs

Nowadays, everyone wants to relax in a relaxer chair after a hectic day at work. They are perfect for evening tea party, reclining in the sun, soaking up the rays, and model for a lazy summer day.

  1. Sofa Sets

Want the ultimate coziness and the envy of your neighbors regarding your garden? Probably, then sofa sets will do the trick. As already said, sofa sets would look out of place in limited space but if you have a fairly large space, they will add to its beauty and turn into your best relaxing space. Sofa sets come in several sizes with attractive designs, cozy fabric and intricate colors.

  1. Gazebos & Pergola

Whereas they might not be garden furniture technically, Gazebos & Pergolas are a supreme way of fashioning an oasis of shadow and serene cozy environment.

  1. Arbors

Found in most of the comfy and attractive gardens, arbors are arches which are typically made from wrought iron or wood. It can be either slim or wide and are mostly located at the entrances to generate an enigmatic aura.

Narrowing it down, garden furniture demonstrates the elegance and style sense of the exterior décor of your home. You should be really considerate about choosing an item of garden furniture which can be used for both practical and decorative purposes. Hope, I’ve summed up all the necessary details proving to be a great help for you while choosing your new garden furniture.