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How can you get access to China Furniture industry in Pakistan?

China is fast growing and showing an immense growth and revolution in its industrial sector. The country currently houses a large number of industries and among them is the ever blooming and flourishing furniture industry.

Chinese furniture companies work on the cost-saving model to reach their goals of manufacturing furniture products at the minimum cost possible. This strategy has allowed China to achieve its fair share in the global furniture industry and export its furniture items to many countries in the world.

China Furniture in Pakistan

Among other countries that import furniture from China, Pakistan is also on the list. Considering the demand for China furniture in Pakistan and relative cost-effectiveness of these furniture items, many furniture sellers, manufacturers and retailers now prefer to import furniture pieces from China.

This is majorly because running a furniture manufacturing concern in Pakistan comes with various nuisances, and importing furniture directly from China helps businesspersons improve their profit figures.

Imported china furniture

Be it home furniture, office furniture, kids furniture, outdoor furniture, or any other type, China has improved its furniture industry by leaps and bounds. This is the main reason why imported China furniture is in demand in Pakistan and many other countries.

Even furniture consumers now prefer to buy Chinese furniture because of the affordability factor. It does not mean that demand for local furniture items is diminishing, but it is true that the furniture items imported from China are gradually making their way into the market, with market share of Chinese furniture items growing continuously.

Reliability of Chinese furniture

It is usually deemed that Chinese furniture is not reliable in terms of quality. Nevertheless, this is not the case because furniture manufacturers in China pay massive heed to quality and produce low-cost items while maintaining quality standards.

In order to find the right furniture manufacturer, you should check for the following factors:

  • Registered capital of the company

A company with a hefty amount of registered capital is less likely to provide faulty items and fail to meet its commitments for quality, reliability and other factors.

  • Import directly from manufacturers

When importing furniture from China, you must look out for manufacturers, not just retailers and even wholesalers. You should try to check the vendor’s business scope and assess whether the furniture supplier is running their own manufacturing concern. Avoid dealing with retailers or wholesalers, as they will most likely offer you items at increased rates, after securing their own profit margins.

  • Confirm quality

If you plan to import a huge number of furniture items from China, make sure you first see the sample of the respective item(s) you are interested in. Otherwise, you can also visit the furniture manufacturer in China to check quality of the items on offer.

Custom duties and taxes on furniture imports from China

Please see the table below to have a fair idea of how much tax does the Government of Pakistan charge on furniture imports from China for the fiscal year 2015-16:

Type of furniture item

Tax/excise duty/import duty/custom duty

Polishes, creams and other similar items in used furniture manufacturing


Fitting for furniture


Tableware and kitchenware made of wood


Statuettes and other ornaments of wood


Jewellery boxes made of wood


Wood marquetry and inlaid wood


Other wooden items including cloth hangers, bobbins, spools and reels


Locks used in furniture


Furniture items including cabinets, chests, display counters, showcases etc


Furniture designed for refrigerating or freezing other items


Bases and covers for sewing machines


Dentists’ chairs


Medical operating tables


Hospital beds with mechanical fittings


Metal furniture used in offices


Other metal furniture


Wooden furniture used in offices


Wooden furniture used in kitchen


Wooden furniture used in bedroom


Wooden cabinets


Wooden beds


Plastic furniture


Furniture made of cane, bamboo, rattan or other furniture items


Medical, surgical, dental or veterinary furniture

5% (Custom duty)


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