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Side Table

Side tables are used to keep necessary belongings of regular use in easy reach. Usually, a side table is 18 inches wide, has 16 inches width, and 19 inches height, however, custom side tables can be of various dimensions, depending on the room size.

Bedroom Table

Bed side tables are also called as bedroom tables. Majority of people prefer to have two side tables (one on each side of the bed), however, if you have limited space in your room, one side table can also be placed along the bed. In case of single beds for sale only one bed side table is recommended.

Bedside Table

The height of bedside table must be adjusted according to the mattress height. For instance, if you are using an 8-inch mattress on your bed, the height of table should ideally be on par with the mattress.


The bedroom nightstand is usually made of medium-density fibre board (MDF), which is then painted according to the bed. Some people also prefer to have bed side tables in pure wood. This makes the whole deal a lot more expensive, but then again what’s better than pure wood furniture?

Bedside Drawers

Some people prefer two drawers in the side tables, while others prefer only one drawer with a cabinet or empty space underneath. This adjustment can only be done in case of standard-sized drawer units.

For smooth movement of drawers, railings are recommended. If you save money by ignoring the railings, you will have to face trouble in the future.

Bed Side Table Price

The price of bedside tables varies according to the material used, design and size. If you are preferring pure wood to be used, the price can go up to Rs 25,000 for one side table. However, in laminated sheets, you can even get a single bed side table for Rs 5,000.

Bed Side Tables for Sale

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Bed side tables online

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