Dining Tables

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As the name indicates, dinging tables are used for feasting. They come in different styles, shape and seating capacity. However, the choice depends on the need and usage. Dining tables are usually placed in the dining rooms, but in some houses, where there is no separate dining room, these tables are placed in the drawing room.

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You will find a wide range of dining room tables at different furniture showrooms. Due to their wide usage in our society, almost every other general furniture manufacturer lists these tables as a necessary inventory item. The prices of the dining tables vary according to the style, seating capacity, type of glass top and material used in manufacturing.

Usually the tables made of wood are preferred in our society, but some people may also prefer dining tables made of iron. If you are buying furniture in a package, you will see a style contrast between your sofas, centre table, side tables and dining table.

As per sitting capacity is concerned, dining tables come in different sizes with number of dining room chairs ranging between 4 -12 usually. However, this range may vary as per the requirements of buyers.

Various Dining Table Design Available

At apnfurniture.pk, you can browse various listings of dining table designs with prices mentioned along them. See their designs and contact their dealers/sellers.