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As the name indicates, dinging tables are used for feasting. They come in different styles, shape and seating capacity. However, the choice depends on the need and usage. Dining tables are usually placed in the dining rooms, but in some houses, where there is no separate dining room, these tables are placed in the drawing room.

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You will find a wide range of dining room tables at different furniture showrooms. Due to their wide usage in our society, almost every other general furniture manufacturer lists these tables as a necessary inventory item. The prices of the dining tables vary according to the style, seating capacity, type of glass top and material used in manufacturing.

Usually the tables made of wood are preferred in our society, but some people may also prefer dining tables made of iron. If you are buying furniture in a package, you will see a style contrast between your sofas, centre table, side tables and dining table.

As per sitting capacity is concerned, dining tables come in different sizes with number of dining room chairs ranging between 4 -12 usually. However, this range may vary as per the requirements of buyers.

Various Dining Table Design Available

At, you can browse various listings of dining table designs with prices mentioned along them. See their designs and contact their dealers/sellers.

Amid all other places in your house, dining table is a place where all family members get together on a daily basis after a long day and share their stories, while having a scrumptious meal. And perhaps this is the reason, why you want to buy dining table set online to improve the quality of time spent with your family. Not only that, your guests also deserve a wonderful experience at your home. And your dining room furniture should be sufficing that experience. Rest assured,’s dining table sets are intricately designed with a particular attention to detail.

Dining Table Set

So what should you look for when you are planning to buy a complete and modern dining table set. The most important thing in our sight is the dining table and chair size.

Standard Dining Table Size and Chair Size

It must be noted that the standard height of a dining table ranges between 28 inches and 33 inches from the ground. Similarly, the seat height of a dining chair from the ground is between 16 inches and 23 inches from the ground.

Counter Table and Chair Size

However, if you want a counter table, the height should be between 35 inches and 39 inches and the dining chair seat in this case should be between 24 inches and 27 inches.

Bar Table and Chair Size

Then there comes bar height. The bar table height is between 41 inches and 43 inches in this case, while the seat height should be between 28 inches and 33 inches.

Now that you have selected the size, you need to choose the material that is ideal for your dining table and chair set

Wooden Dining Table

If you want to buy wooden dining table online you should know that almost all dining wooden dining table sets are made with Keekar wood. It does not mean that other wood cannot be used. Some people prefer Sheesham Wood Dining Table, while others go for Yellow Pine Wood.

Your must note that Sheesham Wood gives a darker tone when finished with polish. However, deco paint can also be done in any color. However, it is suggested that if you are going for pure wood, then why go for deco paint? You better opt for polish to make the wood grains visible and achieve the natural look.

Dining Table Chairs

When you buy dining table chairs online, you must know the what size of chairs you are getting. The seat height from the ground is 18 inches and the seat depth is 18.5 inches. Secondly, the total back height from the ground is almost 40 inches. This does not mean that you cannot go for any other size.

Secondly, when you buy dining chairs online you must confirm that the joints are strong, so that the chair does not get out of order after some day of usage.’s dining chairs are strong made with strong Keekar Wood and are durable for long term use. So, rest assured, when you are buying from us, you are buying a high-quality product.

Glass Dining Table

Some people prefer to buy glass dining table online. Glass table top is good because it’s easier to clean and durable for long term use. You can go for 8mm glass or 12mm glass because the dining table has to bear the weight of utensils and other food items. Likewise, people try to lean on the table, so we at make sure that the dining tables we provide are strong enough to serve the purpose for years.

Small Dining Table

Why would you buy small dining table online in Pakistan? Obviously, when you have less family members or you have less space to accommodate a small dining table. can provide you 2 seater dining table (one table and 2 chairs) or a 4 seater dining table (one table with either four chairs or two chair and one bench). So, when you are here, know that it is our responsibility to provide you what you need according to your requirements.

Round Dining Table

There are people who like to buy round dining tables online in Pakistan. A round dining table gives an elegant look and the chairs are arranged in circle around the table. This type of dining table usually has wooden pedestal in the middle, while the tabletop is placed on that pedestal. However, it must be noted that the mid pedestal should be strong enough to bear all the weight of tabletop.

Dining Table Price

When it comes to the best price dining tables in Pakistan, you should know that the prices vary according to the size, number of chairs, and obviously the material used.

You will find reasonable prices of dining tables on Although our prices are mid-end, it does not mean that we compromise on quality. You can find a dining table for as low as Rs 20,000 and the price can go up to Rs 250,000.

Modern Dining Table

Here at, we believe that modern is something that matches your design requirements. So if you want to buy modern dining table online, you should realize what you like the most. For some people, modern might a sleek design with less or no carving at all. However, for others, modern might be heavily carved wooden dining tables. So, look at your requirements, instead of following what people are liking.

4 Seater Dining Table

We have a good range of 4 seater dining table for sale online. As the name indicates, such a dining table can accommodate four persons. You can also go for a combination of two chairs and a bench. This not only looks stylish, but also provide some extra space for one more person to sit with you. When you buy four seater dining table on, rest assured, you are going to get a high-quality product.

Size of four seater dining table

44 Inches

28 Inches

29 Inches

6 Seater Dining Table

Similarly, we offer 6 seater dining table for sale online. You can either go for six chairs or you can have four chairs and a bench to complete six-person seating. Just like other dining table options, we offer 6 seater dining table for sale in Keekar Wood at a price which is reasonable and affordable for many. Secondly, we guarantee that the quality would be excellent.

Size of 6 seater dining table

71 Inches

35 Inches

30 Inches

8 Seater Dining Table

If you have a big family, you should buy 8 seater dining table online. can provide you customized dining table, with design matching your requirements. We can go for both deco or polish finish as per your choice. However, if you have certain other requirements, we are ready to go an extra mile to provide a dining table matching your requirements. In terms of upholstery, you can choose from a good range of velvet, leatherette, suede, Jute or other fabrics.

Size of 8 Seater Dining Table

93 Inches

35 Inches

30 Inches

Marble Top Dining Table

With at your fingertips, you can now buy marble top dining table online at an affordable price. Obviously, the price will vary according to the size of table and the type of marble selected by you. However, with this price will come a lovely furniture piece you can be really happy about.

Dining Table Price

If you are planning to buy a dining table, you must know that the price will vary according to the following factors:

  • Size of dining table and the number of chairs
  • Material Used
  • Polish or Deco Finish

We believe that’s dining table prices are affordable for many. And let us ensure you that we do a special care for providing a dining table that is real value for money. We suggest you browse all the dining table listed on and figure out the one that exactly matches your needs and is right within your budget. If you find yourself confused for making the right selection, then please feel free to give us a call.

Dining Table for Sale in Lahore

If you are thinking to buy dining table for sale in Lahore online, you are thinking right, because here on, we have a grand range of dining tables in Lahore. We also do customization. So, if you want a particular design to be made, we are ready for that.

Dining Table for sale in Karachi

Even if you are the city of lights, you can still buy dining tables for sale in Karachi online. How? You simply need to give us a call and let us know what you require. We will try our best to serve you in the minimum time possible.

Dining Table for Sale in Islamabad

If we are covering other cities in Pakistan, how can we forget to offer dining table for sale in Islamabad online? We are here to serve you. So, reach us anytime and give us a chance to serve you.