Double Beds

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Double Bed for Sale in Pakistan

As the name indicates, Double Beds are designed in way to accommodate two persons. In our society, the use of double beds is very common and they are seen in almost every other house. As per size is concerned, these beds are further segregated into two types, i.e. King size and Queen size bed. King size double bed is some inches bigger than the Queen size double bed.

Note: some people also call king-sized bed as full size bed. However, this terms is unlikely to be much famous.

In Pakistan, people use double beds made of iron and wood. Nevertheless, different types of wood and iron are used in their manufacturing. It is usually seen that iron double beds are not as famous in our society as the wooden double beds. However, the importance of beds can be deemed from the fact that our bedrooms get in real shape when beds are placed in them. Otherwise, they don’t really give a look of a bedroom. People also prefer to have side tables and dressing tables along with beds, to further refine the look of their bedrooms.

You will see various kinds of beds at different furniture showrooms. In order to make them look catchy and attractive, the manufacturers undertake beautiful carvings on the beds and use different colours to make these carving prominent. Now, upholstered double beds with beads placed in them are also popular.

Price of Double Beds on

Prices of the double beds vary according to their design, type of wood or iron used and other specifications. provides you an online platform where you can browse listings of double beds, single beds, office chairs and contact manufacturers and dealers of double beds. Look for different designs, see the prices and contact double beds sellers.

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Trend is shifting towards relatively space saving double beds with normal sized headboards and footboards. However, this does not mean that big double beds made of pure wood are entirely out of fashion. There is still good demand for beds with enormous foot and head boards.

Double Beds Chiniot

Chiniot is the hub of furniture manufacturing in Pakistan. Mostly, double beds in Chiniot are made up of solid wood and furniture brands from other cities especially buy raw double beds from Chiniot and then give them desired finishing to fulfil the demands and needs of their clients.

Price of double beds in Chiniot is high because of their good quality, high-end material used and reliability for long-term use. However, people who prefer quality price are unlikely to regret their decision of buying double beds from Chiniot.

Bed Dimensions

Mostly, king size and queen size beds are used in Pakistan. However, twin, twin XL, split king and california king are some other sizes of beds across the globe.

King size bed dimension

A king size bed is suitable for active sleepers (who show movements while they sleep) and also for couples who sleep with their children. The general size of king size bed is 76 inches (with) x 80 inches (length). However, different furniture manufacturers are likely to make king beds with slight variation in size.

If you and your partner have different sleeping patterns, you can also go for split king mattress and can have adjustable bed frames.

Queen size bed dimensions

Generally the size of queen size beds is 60 inches (width) x 80 Inches (length). This size of bed is suitable for single active sleepers and also for couples having children, but obviously these beds are relatively smaller in size as compared to double beds. So, two active sleepers might experience disturbance in their sleeping patterns when in queen size beds. The recommended bedroom size for queen size beds is 10 feet x 10 feet.

Note: If you like a king size bed design but you want it in queen size, ask manufacturer to adjust the design, but also negotiate on price, as less material will be used in the making of queen size bed.

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