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With ever-increasing health problems rising with prolonged sitting, ergonomic chair is what you should be looking for. There are a lot of back and neck related problems that come with sitting in a wrong posture. And it all comes down to one thing: the chair. Believe it or not, the kind of chair that you sit at all those long hours plays a great role in determining the amount of work you execute. How can you work properly if you’re constantly uncomfortable? A good quality chair will not only increase your productivity but also relieve you of any back or neck related issues. And that is what exactly is we want you to have!

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics refers to the physiological and psychological principles that are applied on various products and systems. It is taking the furniture and interior field by storm as more and more people are flocking towards user friendly and adjustable furniture options.

What makes a chair Ergonomic?

A chair that has adjustable options according to different users it called an ergonomic chair. Be it height adjustments for the back rest, or the seat depth changes, ergonomic chairs have it all. There are also options to adjust the head rest and arm support elements. It has quality casters as well. It may seem like a trivial part of the chair but it’s actually pretty important as bad quality casters will give in and be a victim of wear and tear. Moreover, there are options to use the back tilt tension knob to relieve you of back pain. What more can you ask for?

Ergonomic Chairs for Sale

At, we have ergonomic chairs that are adjustable and fulfill individual needs. It provides adequate spine support as to prevent you from slouching in the workplace. They have the classic backrest along with the additional lumbar support. These chairs support the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine. The back height is also adjustable and there is enough seat depth to accommodate the person sitting on it comfortably. The chairs also swivel to allow enough mobility and the armrests also provide adequate shoulder support. The chairs also have both hard and soft wheels to choose from. Overall, they provide you the comfort that you need while working long hours that results in your increased efficiency.

You should choose the ergonomic chair as per your requirements. If you want to use it for prolonged hours, you should buy one with greater adjustable options.

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Ergonomic is a kind of novel word, not known to most of the people. As its use is increasing gradually so do the number of people who actually have an idea about it. Ergonomic basically comes from a term Ergonomics which is the science of equipment or workplace designed keeping in mind the competencies and limits of a working individual. Intended to reduce the exhaustion and discomfort of a worker, it leads to making productive workers. As there’s a famous quote, Sitting is the new smoking, it refers to sitting extensively for a longer duration can seriously lead to a number of harmful events whether you are becoming a couch potato at home or a there is a compulsion to do such jobs requiring constant sitting.

What Is an Ergonomic Chair?

Generally, office chairs are categorized as ergonomic when they have a modifiable seat height, seat depth and lumbar support. An ergonomic chair should be extremely adjustable, counting not just a hold for lowering and elevating the chair but also be flexible in the back tilt and the stature of the armrests. It should also have;

  • Durable setting,
  • Maximum support and holding, particularly in the lumbar region,
  • Padding which supports your body without losing shape.
  • Aid upsurge support back and neck to improve posture and inhibit slouching.

Workforce repeatedly goes through back pain due to extended sitting time, which aggravates the stress in the shoulders, spine, arms, neck, and legs. This inactive routine can result in many health complications if you don’t spare 5-10 minutes for a walk or any other physical activity. Nowadays an employee feels lazy and inactive being bound to sit at a certain place, for this many exercises are available which can be done while seated. But merely purchasing (and using) an ergonomic chair can help a great deal in avoiding serious health matters.

Buy Ergonomic Office Chairs online 

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors lived longer and had a healthier lifestyle as compared to us? Certainly, they were more active and used to travel and go anywhere on foot most of the times. Adapting a much vigorous lifestyle throughout life shows its effects in old age too. But currently, we can’t even imagine the impact of this fatty diet and non-stop hours of sitting on our health. No matter how much we do exercise, if most of the day we are laying and sitting, we can’t counter its harmful influences. Too much in-activeness can lead to;

  • Premature death due to its straight connection to heart disease and diabetes.
  • An extreme sedentary lifestyle has injurious effects on your sugar and fat breakdown, which in turn, raise the risk of diabetes and heart ailment.
  • increase in risks of cancers
  • continuous nervousness and hopelessness
  • weight gain and obesity
  • reduction in skeletal muscle mass
  • increase your blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • Sitting puts a lot of stress on the lumbar area of your spine, resulting in back pain and posture issues.

The best thing about sitting in an ergonomic chair is that it will never let your health problems aggravate and you can work easily in a seated position. It won’t let you experience back pain with its modifications. Your body will definitely experience improved results.

Ergonomic chair price

Choice of a suitable chair is a grave step in averting serious complications in people who work in a sitting position. Thanks to the ergonomics, where sitting is regarded as a definite, particular activity which is affected by the way of interaction of a seated person with the working environment.

Before going further, let’s correct our concepts regarding these chairs:

  1. A particular chair does not fit everybody. The worker’s body magnitudes must be considered while picking a chair so that it does not pressurize one part of the body whereas fitting another.
  2. The employer’s body height also matters. The ideal seat height should be one-quarter of the body tallness because the torso-to-leg ratio can vary extensively.
  3. Each activity requires a chair with different specifications, we can’t use the same for all types of work such as computer operators need a different chair than a dentist or a doctor.
  4. Reflect maintenance and repair costs.

Features of a good ergonomic chair

These are few features which are obligatory for a good ergonomic chair irrespective of how you propose to use it:

  • Adjustability – Seat height should be adjustable. Check it prior to buying.
  • Seat height range – Seat height range is also important to check as it should be adjusted to the height suggested for the employees who will use it. Other chairs selected for very short or tall workers.
  • Backrest – sit and check if the backrest is modifiable equally in vertical and in the frontward and backward direction along with stable lumbar support.
  • Seat depth – Check for depth as nobody wants to sense stress on the backs of their knees. It is great to have a one- to three-inch gap among the backs of your knees and the chair to avoid pressure.
  • Swivel – check for chairs that rotate easily, it will permit you to regulate your range and vision direction without winding your body.
  • Stability – Stability of the chair is the most important aspect; a five-pointed star, one-piece base is suggested.
  • Armrests – there should be adaptable height, works well for computer operators. Broader or tighter arm rests may also be vitally liable on the employee’s proportions and chores they do.

Final words

So, that was all about the ergonomic chair. Hope so it would be quite benefiting to you all to know about what precisely styles a chair ergonomic and the health profits of having an ergonomic chair. With lots of information of how to pick and choose your right ergonomic chair, you must have now ample knowledge and would select a best one.