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Executive Table

Are you looking for an executive office table? If yes, then you are at the right place! – Pakistan’s No.1 Furniture Website – offers a wide range of executive tables also known as CEO Tables – for you to choose from.

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Executive Table Design

Almost all executive tables are L-shaped: a table with a side rack, containing drawers and file cabinets. The side rack is mainly the part that differentiates CEO or Managerial tables from the normal ones in the category of office tables. However, some people also love to have tables with side rack in their offices, depending on their requirements. The size of the table is normally 5 x 3 feet, but that again is a matter of choice as well as the space available. For instance, some executive offices have tables of 7 x 3 feet, while others flaunt a beautifully designed table of 4 x 2 feet.

Executive Table Price in Pakistan

Normally, the starting price of an executive table is Rs 15,500. Nevertheless, the price varies according to the table size and its design. Laminated engineered wood is usually used to make executive tables, while some people love to have a table made of natural wood veneers. And obviously, the price of such tables is higher. As an estimate, a finely made table in Sheehsam Wood Veneer should have a starting price of Rs 35,000. And then sky is the limit. Laminated engineered wood, on the other hand, gives users a lot of colour options and designs to choose from.

Buy Executive Table Online

The main benefit of buying an executive table online is convenience. You don’t need to physically visit many furniture shops to finally find a product that perfectly matches your requirements and augments your office theme. Secondly, you can conveniently browse a wide range of product from the comfort of your office. And the last but not the least, you can analyse prices of different products easily. Simply put, through online procurement, you save time, get to see a huge range, and compare prices to find the perfect piece in your budget.

What to look for?

An online furniture buyer is always sceptical about the quality of product and here at, ensuring good quality is at the core of our business. When you intend to buy an executive table for sale, you need to tick the following:

  • The table is appropriate in size for your room
  • The colour of the table matches your office theme
  • You are getting warranty for product breakage
  • The table design is functional and it augments your daily work routine

At, we offer office layout design service free of cost. This means, you can always get to us when you find yourself confused about what size you should buy. This will make your decision making easier and provide you with what you need in your office.

So, next whenever you want to buy an executive office table online in Pakistan, know that we are here to serve you in the best possible manner.