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Tv Lounge Sofa at Apnafurniture

Among other furniture, sofas also define the look of our living rooms. If you want to uplift the look of your lounge, you cannot afford to ignore sofas. Lounge/Living room sofas come in different designs and styles. Today, when every other furniture manufacturer is heeding upon new and innovative sofa designs, you will find various types of lounge sofa available in the market at different prices

These sofas are usually structured with wood and then covered with foams to ensure the comfort. Usually, people prefer to have living room sofas with Rexine coverings. However, tv lounge sofa having velvet cloth covering and other similar materials may also be placed in the living room. The important thing that you need to ensure is the color and style of the sofas which should match with the overall look of your living room/lounge.

The prices of the sofas vary on the basis of material used and also their design and style. However, their prices may also vary as per the quality of foams used in them. You may also find matching center tables and side tables with these sofas which, if you prefer, can buy as well. There are various sofa manufacturers in the market who are offering sofas at different prices in order to meet the needs of the buyers having different budgets.

Buy Living Room Sofa in Pakistan allows you to browse the listings of living room/lounge sofas and office furniture find sofas having different styles and designs, with their prices mentioned with each listing.

Living Room Sofa Designs

Living Rood Sofa Set Price in Pakistan - Visit Now!Living room is surely a place where you tend to spend a major portion of your time. And which furniture price helps you to enjoy your time in a comfortable manner? The answer is obvious: living room sofas. – Pakistan’s No.1 online furniture website has just made it easier for you to browse a huge host of beautiful living room sofa designs and buy living room sofa today at price that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Living Room Sofa Price in Pakistan

When it comes to the price of living room sofas in Pakistan, you must know that you will see a huge variation and this variation in price is because of the following factors:

Type of wood used in the living room sofa

Quality of foam

Quality of ball fiber

Type of fabric

All the above factors determine price. However, according to a rough estimate, the living room sofa should range between Rs 50,000 to Rs 200,000 depending of the design and quality of raw material.

Living Room Sofa

We Pakistanis tend to maintain our houses because of our immersive family structure and close bounds between our families. Due to this factor, we welcome our guests warmly and tend to offer them the best possible experience when they are at our place. Along with many other things that provide cozy experience to our guests, furniture is no different and a comfortable living room sofa is certainly no exception.

So, do we buy a complete set? The answer is obvious: we want to entertain every guest coming in with the best possible experience.’s living room sofas are not only comfortable but are also elegant and chic in design. So if you want to buy living Room Sofa in Pakistan please note that you do not have to look further because you reached the right place where we have endeavored to feature something for everyone.

Living Room Sofa Designs in Pakistan

Buy Living Room sofa set online in Pakistan at best priceNow let’s discuss what kind living room sofa design are popular in Pakistan. Well, we are diverse nation and so are our choices. Amongst us are folks that prefer sleek design which save space and effectively serve the purpose, while at the same time, there are many who adore carving and big furniture pieces.’s furniture range has almost all the designs. And there is something more: you can get any custom design made from us at a price that you will find difficult to find anywhere. The following are some of the designs you will find:

  1. L-shaped Sofa
  2. Sofas with storage space
  3. Sofa cum beds
  4. Complete sofa sets
  5. Office Sofas
  6. Study Room Sofas

Living Room Sofa Ideas

In the end, let us help you find the best living room sofa with the ideas we have:

  • If your living room is smaller in size, we do not suggest big sofas for your living room. Remember, you also have to move around in the room, so choose what allows better movement
  • Take some time to choose the color tone for sofa fabric. Do not be hasty. We suggest you opt for leatherette upholstery if you have kids at home because it’s easy to clean
  • Always opt for high quality foam in the sofa. Otherwise, the foam will lose its shape after some usage
  • pk provides 10 years warranty for sofa structure and we also provide warranty card for foam. So, don’t forget to receive warranty documents from us.