Your Furniture Style and your Persona

What is the relationship of personality with furniture style?

Do you really think the choice of furniture has anything to do with your personality? Does it portray your character and represents who you are? Well, truth be told, I have not read any theory that supports this hypothesis that your furniture style defines your personality. However, on the basis of general perceptions and observations, we can relate personalities and moods with furniture style and also the choice of furniture one makes.

In line with these suppositions and hypothesis, we would like to shed some light on the relationship of personas with furniture style.

Sober personality

If someone finds himself/herself attracted towards retro-looking furniture, this portrays that the person is stylish with sober characteristics and maintains a sedate persona. Such an individual is more likely to opt wooden furniture, neglecting other options available in the market.

Trailblazing persona

If you have a certain emotion for modern and chic furniture pieces and like them to be placed asymmetrically, then your furniture style portrays that you are a trailblazer, which means you are an innovative person and have a futuristic intellect.

Casual character

Are you someone who has a certain fondness for contrasting colours of furniture items in your home? If yes, it probably means you have a casual behavior with modern persona. You are more likely to find vibrant-coloured furniture pieces attractive.

Carefree behavior

Does your mind tells you that eclectic tone of furniture items would be best for your home? If this is the case, you are a bohemian person with carefree persona, plausibly. You are more likely to love vintage sofas with a modern bed in your bedroom.

Idyllic personality

Does any of you like to be surrounded by lavish furniture pieces or you have a special nerve for glamour? There is likeness that you would be more comfortable with lavish furniture pieces around you.

Nature lover

Lastly, if you are a nature lover, you would probably develop a bone of contention with synthetic furniture pieces. Furniture made of natural elements would be your choice and machine made items are likely to lock horns with your personality.

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  1. Hina Ahmad says:

    This is really a good and an interesting piece to read. We can relate personalities with furniture styles, and this is quite interesting.

    I would like to read similar articles in future as well.


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