Which Options do you have other than Wooden Furniture?

wicker furniture - an alternative to wooden furniture

When it comes to furniture manufacturing, wood is indeed the most commonly used material. However, considering pro-nature causes and the very premise of ‘saving the forests’ we need to mull over other options as well. Obviously, there are some materials other than wood which can be used in furniture manufacturing. And we, in this post, aim to unveil these materials which can truly serve the purpose as effectively as wooden furniture. So, what are these? Skim through the post below:

wicker furniture - an alternative to wooden furnitureWicker

Wicker refers to slender flexible twigs of seagrass, cane and rattan. And wicker furniture denote handmade, but finely woven furniture pieces made of natural wickers. However, these days, you may also find wicker furniture made of resins and vinyls in the market.

The materials used in the wicker furniture are also suitable for outdoor settings, but you can better enhance the aesthetics of indoor spaces using this type of furniture. What’s more? The uniqueness of this wicker furniture makes the whole space eye-catching and conspicuous.

Did you know you had such a stupendous option available the last time you procured furniture for your home?


You can use metal furniture to save wood

If you really love the forests and have emotions to save them from frequent devastation, you can buy iron furniture and relish the same charms offered by the wooden furniture, without compromising on aesthetics of your internal or external space. Iron is mostly used in manufacturing metal furniture. However, if you are ingenious enough, you can utilize metal wastes such car hoods from your junkyard and make attention-grabbing furniture pieces. Do you still think you are left with the only choice of buying wooden furniture?





Try bamboo furniture this timeBamboo

Think otherwise and buy bamboo furniture to raise the gorgeousness of your bedroom furniture, living room furniture or even drawing room furniture. Bamboo is converted into wood-like planks, which are then used to make stunning furniture pieces. You may think that the furniture made of bamboo is not reliable and tough. If you think so, you really need to test it this time. However, if you are worried about fungus attack on bamboo, you can procure furniture pieces made of bamboo passed through the lamination process using environmental friendly glue.

Though wooden furniture has its own glamour in defining space aura, but there is also a concept called ‘saving the natural resources’. So play you part in saving the woods and think of the alternative options mentioned above. Cheers!

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