How can you use items from kitchen pantry to make your furniture shimmer?

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It is true that commercial furniture shiners are not only sumptuous, but are also noxious if you have kids in your home. Considering the reservations of these shiners, we have decided to unveil some items from your kitchen, which can be used for renaissance of your wooden furniture and make it look fresh and shiny. Skim through the post below:

Olive Oil

Did you ever think of using olive oil from your kitchen pantry to give a shiny look to your furniture items? Yes, you can do that to convert your dull wooden furniture into shiny-looking pieces. You just need to blend a spoon of water and juice of two lemons in a small amount of olive oil. Stir these ingredients in a bowl and use the mixture to clean your furniture. Buff well to get a glossy finish. What’s more? You can also use this material on metal furniture.


There is no need to freak out, you can really use mayonnaise to clean your furniture pieces. Mayonnaise does not polish the furniture pieces and give them a shiny finish, however, it certainly clears water marks and stains from the furniture.

Simply apply mayonnaise on the stain and let it dry overnight. Clean the mayonnaise next day and find your furniture piece clear of any stains. Isn’t it easy and efficacious?


Can we use tea to restore the shine of furniture pieces? Surely, we can use brewed tea, both green and black, to make you furniture gleam. Tannic acid in tea acts as a shining agent. Apply the freshly brewed cold tea on the furniture and let it soak for some time to get a good shiny look.

Canola Oil

Isn’t it amazing that now you can use canola oil to restore the spark of your furniture items. Let me tell you that canola oil is not only a furniture shiner, it is also a good sealant that protects your furniture pieces from moisture stains and sun rays.

Mix three-forth part of the oil into one-fourth part of vinegar. Apply the mixture on your furniture using a soft brush. Allow it to dry and soak for a few minutes and wipe it with a soft cloth. In this way, you can get the sparky look of your furniture items back using canola oil.


Lastly, you can use cornflour (also called as cornstarch) to make wooden surfaces gloss. However, its usage is little different to the aforementioned items from the kitchen pantry. After polishing, sprinkle cornflour over the surface of surface of your wooden furniture.

The cornflour has the ability to absorb from the polish and it makes your furniture items gloss like new.

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