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“Our pamphlet is out and ready to reach the furniture markets” is all set to provide exposure to the furniture showrooms out there, with an aim to connect furniture vendors and buyers online.

“We intend to revolutionise the furniture industry of Pakistan by instilling an online sense of activity in it. Pakistan needs to exploit its information technology (IT) sector, and we through, purport to contribute to the growth of IT,” said Co-Founder Mr Shahzad Ali.

“The development of an online platform to gather furniture showrooms under one roof was much needed, and our portal aims to provide that platform to expose furniture products and showrooms. This doesn’t mean that we are solely focused on developing ties with the furniture dealers, as our portal is equally equipped with necessary features to cater to the needs of furniture buyers, and it allows them to browse furniture designs online and contact respective vendors,” Shahzad added.

Our furniture industry has a potential to engage overseas clients and it can bring a sizeable amount of foreign exchange to the country. Although, our furniture products maintain certain privilege in various foreign countries, however, with much efforts and positive exploitation of resources, growth of this business niche can be catalysed further.

We invite the furniture sellers and buyers to become a part of and realise the benefits it offers.

PS: Your feedback on the pamphlet design would be appreciated much. Use the comments section below.

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