Happy Independence Day – 67th year of freedom but we are not really free

Pakistan independence 14th August

Today our beloved country Pakistan celebrates 67th year of liberty and freedom, though we cannot feel a certain zeal and zest for this day among our people. Thanks to the political unrest, the spell of which still resides in our country even after 67 years. My question is: Do you really think that our country is free in a true sense? I would certainly nod in ‘No’ to this question.

Externally, our country may appear to be savouring complete liberty, but internally we are still entangled in the net of political matters. I really feel sorry for my country. We are blessed with various resources, intellectual minds, and enough spark to take Pakistan to the apex of prosperity, but internal conspiracies are enough to keep us away from leading the country to the heights of success. What a woe that other countries of Pakistan’s age are celebrating triumphs, and their people are leading a pacific life. What a woe that on 14th August we are seeing our people hoisting the flags of political parties they belong to. What a woe that roads are quiet and we cannot witness the ‘adrenaline of independence’ among the youth.

ALLAH has blessed us with the freedom of living freely in our country, but the political conspiracies have made Pakistan contained, with various areas blocked on the Independence Day. I do not belong to any political party. I have nothing to do with any of them. But I do belong to Pakistan, I love my country, and wish to see it prosper. Don’t you think 67 years are enough to lead a country to the zeniths of success?

It’s really abysmal to see long marches on television on this day. How shameful it is that people are raising catchphrases of naya Pakistan (new Pakistan). There is no point in making or even thinking about any naya Pakistan when we cannot handle 67 years old Pakistan. I really have ‘sorry sentiments’ for the current chaos in our beloved country, which is why I am lettering a serious post on this day, though it should have been something other way round.

I request all the political parties to let go personal preferences. Stop making fool out of Pakistanis. They have had enough through all these 67 years of so-called freedom. It’s time to be combined and amalgamated. It’s time to leave behind narrow-mindedness and put in efforts to make Pakistan a happy state, both internally and externally.

And how can we forget our brothers and sisters in Palestine, who are battling the predicaments of Israel’s attacks on them. Don’t you think that we need to stand up against the brutal massacre of innocent children in Gaza? Don’t you have any sentiment to share with those mothers who are forced to see the bloodbath of their children? Why, why are we still stuck in non-value-adding issues, when we have really serious matters to mull? We should be thankful to ALLAH that our country and its denizens are not facing any such issues.

It’s time to stand united, it’s time to show condolence to all the Muslims around the world who are alien to the very taste of freedom.

I pray to ALLAH for the happiness of Pakistanis and the whole Muslim Ummah.

Once again, Happy Independence Day, cherish it!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day – 67th year of freedom but we are not really free

  1. Fareeha says:

    Good blog,
    May ALLAH BLESS our Pakistan, our country progress in everything, and in everywhere. ALLAH give us peace& unconditional love for all.

  2. Zainab Arif says:

    You are right first we have to put all our efforts to make it strong n united rather than thinking about “Naya Pakistan” n may ALLAH endow us with courage n sincere for becoming a united nation.

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