Pakistan to participate in Furniture China 2014 exhibtion

Pakistan furniture china exhibition

Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCJCCI) President Mr Shah Faisal Afridi has planned to participate in the Furniture China 2014 Exhibition. According to a news source, the exhibition is scheduled to be held from 10 to 14 September, 2014 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

Such exhibitions play a significant role to back the furniture industry of the country to achieve its twelve-monthly target of $1 billion furniture exports. The PCJCCI president told the news agency that the furniture trade picked up notably during the past one year, and healthy figures were witnessed in the current year as well. According to the data maintained by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), furniture exports of Pakistan spiked by 16.31% in 2014. Further breakdown of the statistics unveils that in July 2014, the furniture exports were booked to be $0.770 million. In comparison, these exports touched the tag of $0.662 million in July 2013.

Furniture China 2013 witnessed a footfall of 85, 313 visitors, out of which 21, 131 were overseas, while rest of them were locals. Moreover, around 292 companies from different regions participated in the event.

Faisal Afridi told the news agency that Pakistani furniture has a prevalent scope in Japan, where hand-inlaid furniture with classic finishing maintains a good clientele, and the same type of furniture can be replicated in China. He added that participation in an international show should be deemed imperative for our furniture exports and Furniture China Exhibition has been successful in maintaining noteworthy recognition over the course of past 16 years.

Afridi accentuated that the establishment of joint ventures with China for the provision of required machinery can bolster the quality of our furniture products and bring them at par with international standards. Therefore, there is a dire need to transform our furniture business from cottage or small scale to highly innovative industry, for which training of skilled labour and high-end supplies are required. He also stated that high-quality furniture is being produced in Chiniot, Rawalpindi, Gujrat, Peshawar, and Karachi, and the demand for furniture exhibits an uppish trajectory. However, Karachi remains ahead of other cities in terms of furniture exports, and this trend is then followed by other cities.

USA, UK, Gulf Countries and Sri Lanka are some of the prime countries that import Pakistani furniture. Pakistan usually exports kitchen and office furniture to the Gulf Countries and to the UK, while bedroom furniture is majorly exported to the USA, per news report.

According to Afridi, furniture with calligraphic engraving is also liked among the folks in international and local markets. He emphasized that the craftsmen should focus on honing their skills to pave ways of bagging foreign exchange through furniture trading.

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