Yes, we are talking about furniture made of pencils

Furniture made of pencils

Furniture items are mostly made of wood, iron or other related materials, but creativity is something that entices trailblazers to do something different and unique. Walking on the track of innovation, there surfaces a person with an exclusive concept of making furniture items from pencils. Yes, pencils, no jokes though!

Bilal Asif, 21, is the trailblazer I am taking about. He lives in North Karachi and uses his home as his studio where he exhibits tables, chairs and chandeliers made of pencils.

Asif came up with an idea of making something different after collecting a number of pencils from schools, friends and streets. He has a collection of 10,365 pencils that, according to a news source, have been collected by him from 16 different countries.

Erstwhile, he experimented making jewellery from pencils and remained quite successful in that too. He told a news agency that he had a dream of making pencil house to cradle the pencil furniture he was making and his ultimate aim was to set up a museum for the people to visit and see his work.

Asif is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree. It took him almost 8 months to make for chairs and a table using pencils. He told the news agency that the bed was still incomplete and he planned to make a sofa, a swing, a cupboard and clocks.

About his table he unveiled that he used aluminium and laminate sheet to perfect its look, adding that he did not use colours in his art, instead he used original lead of different colours.

It should raise your eyebrow a bit that it took Asif more than two months just to complete inner part of the table, as each corner of the table was made separately.

He, however, does not intend to sell his items, as he wants to present a positive picture of his country. A true patriot that Asif is! commends Bilal Asif’s efforts for making furniture items using pencils. Though our furniture industry is already acclaimed across different regions of the world, the creative work as rendered by Asif, makes the furniture industry more buoyant and attractive.

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