Exclusive Interview with Mahrukh Butt has a conversation with an interior designer Ms Mahrukh Butt to take her views on different aspects of interior décor and also on her workings

Maintaining aesthetic appeal in line with the features of a home is a tricky task and this is where the services of interior designers and experts are availed to give a home a stupendous look. Almost every other person would like to see their homes well-maintained and toned in an attractive manner. So, we should commend the efforts of interior designers who work conscientiously to bolster the aesthetic appeals of our homes.

In order to get an expert take on the ins and outs of interior décor especially paintings, interviewed an interior designer Ms Mahrukh Butt, who is the founder of her very own Creative Interior Designing by Mahrukh Butt. We are thankful to Ms Mahrukh Butt for telling us about herself and her paintings and bringing into limelight different aspects of interior décor. What was the basic inspiration that led you to paint different things? Does your academic background also support your passion towards painting?

Mahrukh Butt: It is something said frequently by artists and I would also state it for a fact ‘I was born an artist’. I was an art lover since I was in Montessori,in America where I started my basic education.

You would be amazed to know that my first report card had remarks: Mahrukh’s main areas of interest are art class and related subjects.

As I grew up, I continued to paint as a hobby and I also took art classes at Art Council Rawalpindi, where my father was posted during his service in Army.

After my intermediate education, my father sent me to the National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore, where I joined the architectural department, but after two years, I shifted to textile designing. After graduation, I went to London to pursue some short courses in fashion designing.

On my return to Pakistan, I started teaching at LACAS as well as NCA. Furthermore, I have also rendered my services as an Assistant Professor at Lahore School of Fashion Design. I have worked with some good architects in Lahore such as Wasif Ali Khan and Nayyar Ali Dada.

In 2007, I went to Canada and did some short courses in water-based paintings, as I always had a passion for watercolours. I also secured a Diploma in Interior Designing from Canada. I also did a short, two-week workshop in Canada in landscape painting with a well-known Canadian watercolour artist and I really enjoyed it, as my artwork was much appreciated during the workshop.

I have had several exhibitions of my work. It is a great pleasure for me that my wall hangings are on display at homes abroad and I have also sold my work in Canada. What, in your opinion, is the role of paintings in interior décor?

MB: In my opinion an interior space, a room, a house, an office and their walls are quite incomplete without artwork, as paintings and artwork make a space attractive and lively and bring meaning to it. Without exaggerating, I would like to say that without artwork, a house is like a body without soul. Do you think there is any connection between paintings and furniture items in setting the right aesthetic appeal of a space? If yes, please brief this connection to us.

MB: Yes, artwork definitely has an effect on overall environment and also on people. It affects moods. A bright scenery displaying a beautiful countryside will make us happy and put us in a good frame of mind.

Similarly, a lively painting with bright-coloured flowers will definitely brighten one’s mood. Paintings also have their impression on furniture items. For instance, a painting boasting old buildings is likely to have a classic effect on furniture items in a drawing room or study room.

I would like to tell you that colours affect our moods to some extent. Red colour is used in restaurants and eateries, as it entices the tastebuds to make guests feel hungrier. Blue colour has a calming effect on us and is often used in bedrooms.

You should always ensure the artwork synchronises well with the furniture items and other aesthetics of a room to maintain a good harmony in the space. Where do you aim to take your career in painting in the next few years?

MB: As I am a mother of a grownup and demanding kid and have a house to run, I paint as frequently as I get time to do so and I fail to do justice with my appetite and craving to paint regularly. But, I will continue to paint with all the passion and my love for colours, paints, artwork. And I really hope to make a distinguished mark in the field of art and water painting in the years to come.

My aim is to make people happier where they live and work and with my artwork, I want to help people feel comfortable in their spaces. What, according to you, is the role of in revolutionizing the interior décor industry?

MB: is definitely doing a great job in the field of furniture and interior design by introducing furniture buyers to sellers. It is playing a major part in revolutionising the furniture industry and making it easier for people to have an access to good furniture, made with details while maintaining the comfort and quality standards.

You can view Mahrukh Butt’s work by clicking the following link: Creative Interior Designing by Mahrukh Butt

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15 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Mahrukh Butt

  1. mahrukh butt says:

    Ill be glad to answer any question related to art and interiors for any budding young students or otherwise too

  2. Fareeha khan says:

    Very impressive…and it’s also a very informative guideline for the ones, who want to be interior decoration.

    • mahrukh butt says:

      Yes Fareeha there a lot of years of experience and expertise involved in the interview given above
      thanks and yes i hope it does help budding designers
      but these are of course just brief point concerning interiors

    • mahrukh butt says:

      plz contact me
      send your address and within the country delivery is free of charge
      let me know if u are interested in any item

  3. zainab says:

    This is really awesome and interesting interview.How do you manage your home,kid and profession at the same time?

    • mahrukh butt says:

      Zainab it is a bit difficult yes but i work from home at my own time so that makes things soo much more convenient, and as my timings are flexible, i can also work in the evening when im free from house demands and my kid though he is grown up now. also i can work early morning and on a Sunday as im an early bird.
      Another thing very important to be able to shuffle from house work back to my work is being organized helps a lot as well as being disciplined in every thing.
      and then consistency all along just stay connected to your aims and goals in life
      i hope that helps

    • mahrukh butt says:

      Hina Thanks its been along journey and alot of hard work and determination required to achieve any thing u really want in life

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