Turkey Keen to Trade Furniture With Pakistan

Recently, a high-level delegation from Turkey visited Pakistan and met Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) Chief Executive Mian Muhammad Ashfaq. During the two-day visit, the Turkish delegation showed keen interest in carrying out furniture trade with Pakistan.

Kirtas, leader of the delegation, said Turkey is interested in enhancing furniture business with PFC, undertaking joint-venture projects either in Turkey or in Pakistan, and sharing technology with Pakistan.

Kirtas said that Turkey wanted to pave way for the improvement of trade ties between the business communities of the two countries.

The delegation got inspired by the furniture made in Pakistan. In this regard, Kirtas particularly said that Pakistani furniture with calligraphic engraving had great demand in international markets and suggested that Pakistani craftsmen should further hone their skills in this area of expertise to earn foreign exchange. He admitted that our craftsmen knew the art to beautify furniture products.

Although, Pakistan has the finest wood available, the craftsmen put the eye-catching beauty in that finest wood

The delegation discussed ways to improve furniture trade and strengthen existing business relations between corporate sectors in the most effective way possible.

Musoot, a leading furniture producer in Turkey and member of the delegation, said that trade relations between the two countries would definitely grow, not only in textile sector, but also in many other sector including leather, furniture, sports, handicraft and cement.

While addressing the delegation, the PFC chief executive suggested that a chartered vessel service should be started between Pakistan and Turkey for regular trade of goods. He also urged for the establishment of a display centre for Pakistani Furniture in Istanbul.

He said many countries have shown interest in Pakistani Furniture; they like our hand-carved designs on furniture with classic and fine finishing and similar designs could be replicated in the Turkish furniture market.

“Efforts must be made to promote furniture exports by increasing participation in the international furniture exhibitions” Mian Muhammad Ashfaq

Pakistan exported merchandise worth $322.60M and imported merchandise worth $238.45M in 2014-15, showing a positive trade balance of $84.15M.

To further strengthen furniture trade, the government should take steps to transform the furniture industry from cottage to a full-fledged industry through training of craftsmen, and upgrading supplies and imports.

8 thoughts on “Turkey Keen to Trade Furniture With Pakistan

  1. Mehndi jan says:

    My sister is getting married and i want a sofa set, i live in karachi can you please tell me how much Is the cost?

  2. rana umair says:

    I have seen turkish furniture catalogues. Turkey produces beautiful furniture items, which is quite wonderful

  3. zahid sheikh says:

    Good that turkey and pakistan are joining hands to trade furniture. What PFC is doing was supposed to be done by the government. Anyway, at least someone is doing something for the betterment of the country. Good effort PFC and kudos to for providing these updates.

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