Check Out These Beautiful Beds For Your Bedroom!

The best place for recharging yourself after a long tiring day is your bedroom. But many of us don’t have any idea of the beds which suit their room. So we thought of sharing some bed designs with you to give you an idea of the range of beds available in the market. Read on and have fun!


Platform beds were used even in old times, but now a days, they sell like hot cakes in the market and many people prefer these beds over many others. They are usually low profile and look quite elegant. They have a headboard but no footboard and are loved by those who always follow the latest trends.

platform beds


As the name indicates, four poster beds have four pillars, each on one corner of the bed. Each pillar can be decorated differently in a creative manner. You should only buy these beds if your bedroom is spacious. Have a look at this beautiful four poster bed below:

four poster beds


Canopy Bed resembles a four poster bed, as it also has four pillars and gives the same antique look. But there is something which makes these beds different from the four poster beds: an attractive fabric, which is placed over the upper panels to cover the bed from all sides to give you a cosy feeling. These beds are considered one of the most luxurious beds and are used mostly by royals.

canopy beds


Half-tester beds belong to the same family of four poster beds. However, their pillars are not as high and two pillars on the footboard side are usually missing. These beds were used by people in old times and are not very much popular now a days.

half-tester beds


These attractive beds are a choice of many people including designers, as they are stylish yet traditional. They are unlikely to go out of fashion too early. Upholstered beds are designed in a way that makes their headboard look like a sofa.

upholstered beds


These beds are rich in texture and traditional in look. They provide a calm and peaceful feeling. They may not look modern in shape, but are durable for long-term use.

country beds


As the name indicates, these beds are classic and give a feel of old times. This doesn’t mean that these beds are not liked these days. With an elegant bedding, these beds can look spectacular.

vintage beds


This style is a representation of French and American Empires of early 19th century. They are made of pure wood and have a curved footboard and headboard. Even these beds have evolved with time. Nowadays they are also manufactured with other materials including iron, aluminum and steel with less exaggerated curves on footboard and headboard.

sleigh beds


These beds are specially designed to save space in a unique and exceptional way. Murphy Beds have closets and cabinets and are contemporary enough to give your room a cool and elegant look.

murphy beds


Trundle beds are best for children’s room because they consist of a pair of beds stacked upon each other. The lower bed lies upon casters and thus can be dragged in or out beneath the upper bed. These beds save a lot of space and are best for smaller rooms. They are particularly fun for children!

trundle beds


The headboard and footboard of Panel Beds are made of flat panels of wood. These contemporary beds give your room a modern yet traditional look, and describe your cool aesthetic sense of interior designing.

panel beds


These beds are very functional and provide you the supreme level of comfort. You can find storage options in Divan Beds such as drawers and sliders etc. These beds are almost 3 feet high.

Divan Beds


A multifunctional furniture item that is not only used as a sofa, but is also effective as a bed. These types of beds save space and can be placed in living room, kid’s room, bedroom or drawing room.

Sofa Beds


These are the most trendy and modern beds for your kid’s room. They are from the family of bunk beds but are slightly different as they contain only one bed on the top, supported by iron or wood pillars. They provide ample space underneath the bedframe, which can be utilised in different ways.

Loft Beds


They can be used for many purposes such as sleeping, lounging, reclining and seating and are placed in living rooms. Their frames are made up of wood, metal or a combination of both and have a unique shape.

Day Beds

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