How to series: Fixing a sinking gas lift of office chair

Many a times we come across a basic problem in the gas lift, also known as the hydraulic cylinder, of office chairs.

After a certain time period or due to continuous rough usage, hydraulic cylinder starts malfunctioning and when you sit in the chair, it automatically starts going down. This malfunctioning can be termed as the sinking of gas lift.

If you are facing such trouble, it is recommended that you replace the defected gas lift with a new one. And if you are not up for it, I have a plan B for you.

My plan B only includes buying some simple clips that will help your defected gas lift of office chair stay where you like.

Explanation of the process to fix faulty gas lift in words might make it hard to understand. So, keeping this in mind, I have collected a useful video for you to watch.

In this video you will see two procedures using which you can easily fix a faulty gas lift. Obviously, some tweaking to the hydraulic cylinder will be required, but by following any of the procedures, you can easily fix the chair yourself. No expert required!

Without further ado, here is the video that explains how easy it is to cater to a faulty hydraulic cylinder of an office chair.

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