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Imagine it’s another hot sunny day in your life and you are working head over heels in your office, while sitting in your ordinary office chair. And when you leave your chair, you realize that your body is sticking to the chair back, although you are draped in your lightweight summer clothes. It simply means you are sweating so badly even when the air conditioner has been set at the lowest temperature possible.

Who is to blame? Obviously your office management that always prefers to save some dimes over buying you an ergonomic chair to sit in.

We at suggest the administration departments of offices to realize the following benefits of office chairs with mesh back and seat:

Ventilation and airflow

An office chair with mesh allows proper ventilation for employees to keep their body cool while they work. In comparison, an upholstered chair does not allow ventilation, leading to the trapping of heat coming off from the bodies of employees.

Reduction of maintenance costs

Office chairs Lahore usually need maintenance from time to time. But if you want to reduce this maintenance cost, you need to opt for mesh office chair. Here is why:

Sweat coming off the employees’ body can easily soak into an upholstered chair, which ultimately leads to staining. And employees prefer a cleaner environment.

On the other hand, if the foam of an upholstered chair is not of high density, the chair upholstery will lose its shape over time and the leatherette upholstery can also get cracked.

 Better Durability

You might find it surprising that an office chair with a thin mesh is quite durable, as the fabric is tightly woven and thus does not wear down easily. Metal or plastic frames used to hold mesh in mesh chairs make them more durable.

On the contrary, padding of an upholstered can flatten within days and the upholstery can also get torn if it is slightly misused, making the chair uncomfortable and also bad-looking at the same time.

Appearance, aesthetics and style

Slim profiling, better ergonomics and different types of mesh make mesh chairs better in appearance, aesthetics, and style. In comparison, upholstered chairs are bulgy, space occupying and archaic.

Office décor is important to many employees and the outfitting of mesh chairs can create a modern environment.

Better ergonomics and support

When your employees work for long hours, they are prone to healthcare issues; backache is major. The ergonomic design of mesh chairs allow employees to sit in a good posture and feel comfortable.

Back soreness can easily affect the performance of an employee and various seat adjustments and lumbar support in mesh chairs can help employees cope up with that.

Simply put, when you are able to customize your chair according to your seating preferences, you can easily set your posture without falling prey to physical anxiety.

Back Height

Mesh chairs are of three types when it comes to back height:

1)      Low Back

Suitable for employees that prefer to work leaning forward. The back of these chairs ends below the shoulder blades.

2)      Mid Back

As the name indicates, back of a mid-back chair comes up to the shoulder. It is suitable for employees that prefer good back support. It is recommended for those using computers continuously at work

3)      High Back

Ensuring full back support and coming up with a headrest, high-back mesh chairs are suitable for long meetings and also for the brainstorming sessions of executive employees.

So, these are some of the benefits of mesh chairs and you, being an employee, should also convince your office management to provide you with such chairs.

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