PFC to Collaborate with China to Uplift Furniture Trade

CHINESE furniture investors show keen interest in collaborating with the Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) and enhance furniture trade between the countries. The willingness to bolster trade ties was recently expressed by the head of a delegation of Chinese furniture manufacturers, Zuo Boyang, during his visit to the head office of PFC.

While exchanging ideas to boost furniture trade between China and Pakistan, Boyang praised the quality of Pakistani furniture with calligraphic engravings and admitted the fact that the furniture items produced in the country have great demand in international markets.

He vociferously acclaimed Pakistani furniture designers and craftsmen and suggested that these experts should play their part in enhancing furniture exports.

During the meeting of Chinese delegation with the representatives of PFC, a Chinese furniture manufacturer, Rita Cho, said that both the countries share a border and have a collective population of more than 1.5 billion, but the trade activity between the two countries still needs a boost. Talking about Pakistani furniture, Cho expressed that China may have a better market for high-quality furniture goods produced in Pakistan.

Briefing about the potential of the furniture industry, PFC Deputy General Manager Faisal Mohsin said that Pakistan exports furniture products of worth $8 million to $12 million annually, but these figures do not mirror the actual potential of the industry and its capacity to produce high-quality furniture items. In this regard, Mohsin suggested local exporters to actively take part in international shows and furniture exhibitions to ostentatiously present Pakistan’s ability to produce jaw-dropping furniture items.

He also said that Pakistan can further enhance the quality of its furniture products if joint ventures are formed between the two countries and machines are provided on lease by China to furniture manufacturers in Pakistan.

Though there are several large-sized furniture factories producing exquisite furniture items in Pakistan, overall transformation of small-scale or medium-sized units to full-sized industries has yet to be seen.

“Many furniture retailers in Pakistan prefer to import furniture from China and sell the products in local market, but Pakistani furniture industry is no short of potential. PFC is playing a significant role in boosting furniture exports and local manufacturers should also join hands with the council to help it achieve its goals,” said Chief Executive Officer Shahzad Ali.

We extend our support to provide further boost to the upbeat furniture industry of Pakistan, as we want to see it achieve new heights of success, but that would only be possible if all furniture stakeholders work collectively towards the achievement of a common goal,” he added.

Be it office furniture, kids furniture, bedroom furniture or any other type of furniture, Pakistan has the capacity to gain its fair share in international markets. However, the government needs to provide robust backing to the furniture industry. Otherwise, individual efforts may not fetch coveted results.

If Pakistan can earn foreign income of $8 million to $12 million in a year from furniture exports, a sizable spike in these figures can be seen if effectual and appropriate measures are taken by furniture manufacturers in Pakistan and vigorous support is provided by the government.

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