Pakistan & Turkey can join hands to hit European furniture markets

Pakistan and turkey can join hands for furniture exports in european countries

Turkish furniture is well known across the globe. However, the furniture produced in the country is machine-made and is pretty expensive as compared to the furniture produced in Pakistan.

Pakistani furniture is mostly handmade and is of the quality to fetch consumer needs in the European countries, according to Pakistan Furniture Council Chairman Main Kashif.

Kashif is of the view that Turkey can help Pakistani exporters in marketing their products in Europe and provide them with access to potential clients.

Our view

Pakistan has ability to produce high quality furniture, but the government support is needed to tap into international markets. There are only a couple of institutions that offer proper furniture design and production courses. The government should play its part in imparting furniture education to furniture enthusiasts and designers, so that the whole industry could flourish.

Worth of furniture industry

Estimated annual transactions in the local furniture industry of Pakistan value more than PKR 41.7 billion. And the value of exports for wood products is over PKR 3 billion.

Considering this, there is dire need for every stakeholder, especially the government, to take part in the development of furniture industry and effectively explore its potential.

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