How important is it for you to ensure a fully functional office environment?

To get work done, it must be of paramount importance for you to ensure a flexible, efficient, and functional works space. Try to evaluate which type of office furniture your employees need and involve them when planning the utilization of office space.

Here are a few importance points that you must keep in mind for orchestrating a fully functional office setup.

Make equipment easily accessible for each employee

Office desks must comfortably fit all necessities without being cluttered and they should be placed close to electrical outlets and internet ports. Furthermore, file cabinets should be in a communal space.

Follow the 3-foot rule

  • Allow at least 3 feet between walking and sitting areas
  • Walkways should be at least 3 feet wide
  • Provide space between co-workers at conference tables

Location, location, location

  • Group quiet work areas away from noisier places
  • Place break areas away from desks
  • Use dividers to separate workers who are often on the phone

Make sure all furniture items are up to the mark

  • Task chairs may be suitable for all employees
  • Choose seating with adjustable options for better ergonomics
  • Office chairs should have adjustable seats, arms and back angles
  • Communal file cabinets may be suitable for your office
  • Executive employees may need their own storage systems
  • Consider locking cabinets for confidential files
  • Give you and your employees enough room for work
  • Computer-based workers can use smaller office desks
  • Workers with more paper documents may need larger work areas

Ensure transparency

The right layout can help create a transparent work environment.

  • Keep ease of communication in mind when planning
  • Ensure that managers of all levels are accessible

A well-designed office layout sends a message to visiting clients about the character and quality of the personnel and the products or services being offered. It even shows employees that company’s funds are spent well. Moreover, an open office layout encourages trust that your business isn’t hiding anything and is working cooperatively towards the desired goals.


With these ideas in mind you can plan your office space properly without messing it up and making it difficult for your employees to adjust in the office environment.

“All offices should buy furniture items after consulting with the employees to make sure that employees have a satisfactory work environment. Office furniture in Pakistan is of different types. However, these days ergonomic office chairs are in demand,” said CEO Shahzad Ali.

“The interest of people for searching office furniture on internet increased 39% in the past one year from September 2016 to October 2017. Although the trend kept on fluctuating with troughs and crusts registered during the year, the overall numbers portrayed a positive picture,” Ali Added.

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  1. Nimra says:

    Who cares about fully functional office these days? Organizations only want work, nothing else. Even your organization would be the same, I suppose.

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