15 popular modern office furniture & layout trends to consider in 2017

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There are constantly new, up & coming office furniture design and layout trends. Besides looking cool, they can help to improve the productivity and efficiency of an office by promoting collaboration and conversation.

Here are 15 new furniture design and office layout trends we expect to see leading the pack in 2017:

1)      Open Floorplans

Private offices are on the way out, and large open floorplans are in. Everyone, from CEO to interns, are out in open.

2)      Collaboration workstations (4 or more per desk)

When people sit together, it creates a great collaborative environment, filled with buzz and ideas.

3)      Standing desks

They help to promote a healthy office environment, and many find themselves to be more productive standing rather than sitting.

4)      Whiteboard Walls

Modern offices have very few walls, due to the open floorplans, but the walls that do exist use special paint that turns them into giant whiteboards.

5)      Glass enclosed conference rooms

To maintain and open office layout, many companies are building their conference rooms with glass walls. This keeps building their conference rooms with glass walls. This keeps the open floorplan vibe white providing a quiet space.

6)      Open lounge & kitchen area

Happy employees are more productive employees. Comfortable lounge areas, often with games and activities, and a full kitchen are becoming more common.

7)      Branding to promote company culture

Branding has become a way of telling the company’s story – what the company is about and what their core principles are – and their conveying this through the office environment.

8)      Less storage room

Companies and departments are transferring physical files to the cloud. Cloud-based computing reduces the office layout necessary for filing, printing, copying and storage.

9)     Comfortable work stations for laptop work

More companies are creating comfortable areas of their office full of couches and beanbag chairs to give employees a place to relax and work on their laptops.

10)   Office organized by colour

Some offices integrate pops of colour in unexpected ways, striving to be at the forefront of offering a wide colour spectrum of accessories and furniture.

11)   Elimination of assigned seating

Open office environment also mean the elimination of assigned seating. Many offices are allowing their employees to work from any available station.

12)   Elimination of wires & desk clutter

Between wires, laptops and other electronic devices, to docking stations, paperwork and personal items, there are many things that can make a room full of open desks appear much disorganized. Under-the-desk organizers are very popular to create a clutter-free open office environment.

13)   USB ports everywhere

USB charging ports can now be found on task lights, desks and wall outlets. Employees need to be able to re-charge from every possible area of an office.

14)   Fitness centres on-site

Employee health and wellness have become such an important focus, that several larger companies are building on-site fitness centres. If space permits, it’s a great way to keep your employees happy and healthy.

15)   Bringing the outdoors inside

With employees spending around eight hours a day inside, bringing more natural elements into the workplace provides a benefit. Plants create an element of nature that also helps with air purity.

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