Furniture Exporters Call for Resolution of Problems

problems of furniture exporters

A five-member bench of All Pakistan Furniture Exporters Association (APFEA) has requested the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) to bolster furniture exports by resolving the regulatory and marketing issues faced by the exporters.

Reportedly, the members of APFEA met TDAP Chief Executive Mr SM Muneer to discuss the shipment issues faced by furniture exporters and suggested measures to resolve them. They also requested the TDAP to exercise its authority for finding solutions to the problems.

Issues related to the following were highlighted before Mr Muneer:

  • Customs (money collected under a tariff)
  • Lack of raw material
  • Port clearance
  • Support for marketing local furniture products in international market
  • Training and development needs in furniture industry
  • Price of raw material

According to TDAP press release, the TDAP chief has assured the APFEA members of his support in resolving the issues faced by the exporters.

He also emphasized on his commitment to trade and business and claimed that the potential of Pakistan’s furniture industry was greater than the current exports of $7.4 million per year.

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