Furnish Your Bedroom Just The Way You’ve Always Wanted

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“…This is how I want my bedroom to look like.”  A thought that crosses your mind once you want to change the setting of your room, move furniture from one place to another and give your room a whole new look. A must have in furniture is its ease of use. Regardless of the material, the furniture should not be bulky. It should be purposeful and well-designed.

Furnishing a bedroom is one of the most fun yet tedious tasks to do so. Matching the décor with the desired image in your head is the trick.

The current look in bedrooms is of synthetic wooden flooring, Spanish tiles or wooden flooring itself. The colour on the walls should be in coherence with the style of flooring chosen. White textured walls would seem to look good with the mahogany shade of the wood.

To cover the windows, roman blinds can be used.

Choosing the bed offers a wide variety of options. First things first, how many people will reside in the room? Will they require separate beds or a double bed?

Separate beds can be bought as two single beds, or they can be arranged as bunk beds, one on top of the other. For the double bed, it can be a bed without a headrest, or with one. Headrests can be of wood, or of cushioning material. The cushion material is trendy and is very comfortable to rest the head and the back.

The quality of the mattress also depends on the type of the bed, whether there is a spring requirement for back relief, or for comfort. Whether the mattress is of foam or springs entirely depends on your choice.

The height of the bed is a strong determinant. An elderly user would prefer a bed with a lower height as it will be easier to sit on. Climbing on the bed would not be required.

The user of the bedroom would require a space for clothes and shoes. Walk-in closets built inside bathrooms are popular nowadays which save space and are convenient to use. They have built-in cupboards for hanging clothes and drawers for shoes, clothes and other items of use.

For placing items of daily use in the bedroom a wall-shelf could be installed in the walls. This shelf could also have space for a television to fit in the centre. A table could be placed in the room, for placing daily objects like documents and the laptops etc. The table could be made of teak wood which is a durable material, albeit expensive.  The wall shelf and the table both require height adjustment according to the user(s) requirement. An arm chair or a dewaan placed in the room would allow sitting space with footrests for comfort and relaxation. This would give a homely feeling.

Choosing your furniture will also showcase a side of your personality to you- you might be surprised to see a new taste developing with the new trends! To see a variety of furniture for a quick glance, you can try the online furniture stores such as and many more in Pakistan. The online furniture retail stores cover a wide range of bedroom furniture to fill your palette.

Enjoy furnishing like you want it to be!

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