Exclusive Interview with Sara Naveed

An exclusive interview with Sara Naveed

Wall paintings are one of the most sought after items in interior decoration and play an important role in setting the right mood of internal spaces. had a privilege to talk with a painting expert Mrs Sara Naveed, the proprietor of Paintatude by Sara Naveed. We thank Mrs Naveed for taking time to share her views on different aspects of her painting career. When and where did you begin your career in painting? Are you into any other work besides painting?

Mrs Sara Naveed: Painting is my hobby but I started taking it as a career almost 2 years back in November 2012. Though I do it from home for now, I am planning to set up an office in near future.

I believe, it is not an office that you need while pursuing your goals, it is actually the courage, hard work, and diligence that is more important for you to excel.

Besides painting, I have recently started table decorating business titled “Dine and Delicacy”. I intend to bring innovation to table decoration through my ideas and techniques that I use to transform the aesthetic appeal of tables. Which types of paintings do you make and what is in demand these days?

MSN: My paintings are mostly based on Islamic Calligraphy and this is my exclusive niche of expertise. I also paint in other genres; however, the demand for different types of paintings depends on people’s moods and tastes. Since it is a sensitive matter, how do you confirm the accuracy of Islamic calligraphy in your work?

MSN: Calligraphy is more about accuracy within letters. It includes maintaining exact angles, sizes and shapes of the letters. A reasonable skill and practice is required to become a professional calligrapher.

The Islamic calligraphy is denoted by various formats such as KUFIC, THULUTH etc. And I always try to follow set formats to produce immaculate pieces. Having said that, I still consider myself a student of calligraphy and I always try to learn to become better in my work day by day. We understand that furniture plays an important role in defining interiors. What significance, in your opinion, do paintings have in interior decoration?

MSN: Paintings not only define the aesthetics of a space, they also tell what kind of person you are. I agree that furniture plays a vital role in shaping the interiors, but paintings go hand in hand with furniture when it comes to decorating a space. What are your plans for expanding your work in future?

MSN: As I mentioned earlier that painting is my hobby, but I intend to take this hobby to another level. It is true that my hobby, especially Islamic calligraphy, has become a source of earning for me, but the expansion of my business depends on the response from public.

Currently, my work is based on exhibitions and personalised orders that I receive from people belonging to different walks of life. What are you views on the services offered by

MSN: In my opinion, is offering an incredible service to the people of Pakistan and it is perhaps the only online platform aimed at connecting buyers and sellers of furniture and other interior decoration items under one roof. I cordially wish the very best of luck to

You can see Mrs Sara Naveed’s work at: Paintatude by Sara Naveed

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7 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview with Sara Naveed

  1. Areeba Butt says:


    It is good that girls are into their own businesses. I wish them the very best of luck. And dear sara, I wish you good luck!


    • Sara naveed says:

      Hi Areeba!
      Thank you for your lovely wishes !. 🙂
      And definitely everyone should try and make use of the available time that they have! .thnx for appreciating;)

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