Exclusive interview with Add-On Kids CEO Mr Faraz Haroon

kids furniture talks with Add-On Kids CEO Mr Faraz Haroon to take his views on different aspects of kids furniture

Pakistan’s furniture industry is well-known across various countries for its ability to produce high-quality-furniture. Among many types of furniture produced in the country, Kids furniture is becoming popular with time., Pakistan’s leading furniture website, interviewed Add-On Kids Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Faraz Haroon to know about his personal experience of producing stupendous furniture items for kids. We are thankful to Mr Haroon for taking time out of his busy schedule and telling us about his products and also about other aspects of kids furniture. When and where did you begin your career in furniture industry? What was the thought behind entering into the furniture market?

Faraz Haroon: I think the idea of entering into the furniture industry was actually inspired from IKEA to manufacture and provide modular furniture for the middle and upper-middle class.

My parents were the real masters behind this idea. In 1990, we started by making basic shelves and desks for adults. It was only in 2007 that we realised the market potential of children’s furniture. What was the main reason that you did not consider manufacturing conventional furniture?

FH: Becoming kids furniture manufacturer was a slow transition for us, driven mostly by demand. We started manufacturing kids furniture after considering the potential of this particular niche of furniture.

I would not say we solely deal in kids furniture, as we also work with a lot of firms for office furniture. Plus, we have many school furniture clients as well. Why, in your opinion, should parents buy kids furniture?

FH: Kids of today are far more creative and lively than the kids of, let’s say, 50 years ago. In my opinion, the beautifully designed, colourful furniture helps in developing creativity in the children. I believe, this is the main reason that should impel parents to buy kids furniture. Which items are included in the range of your products and which products remain in demand among kids furniture buyers?

FH: The car beds remain quite popular among boys. Everyday, children come in at the Add-On Kids display centre (located at 198-G Raja Centre, Main Market, Gulberg) with their parents. We see them getting mesmerised by the awesomeness of the Ferrari bed displayed at the showroom. They lie down on it, and never wish to leave.

Other than car beds for boys, we also offer a range of beautiful beds e.g. princess bed, buggy bed for girls. And besides beds, we have study tables, cupboards, shelves, and book racks in our range of products. Sometimes, I feel that the smile and happiness of the children is the main drive to excel in this field. How do you think is playing its part in the furniture industry?

FH: For first time in Pakistan, someone has thought of bringing all the furniture manufacturers under one roof through In my opinion, the portal has a potential to play a pivotal role in shaping the furniture industry of Pakistan.

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