#BillionTreeTsunami – A Grand Afforestation Program

#BillionTreeTsunami - supports the cause

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Government has taken Green Growth Initiative under which it plans to plant 1 billion trees in the province. Furthermore, the government – under this programme – will increase forestlands by 22 percent and will undertake the plantation drive biannually.

This is a practical effort against the timber mafia, which has been spoiling the forests for a longer period, leaving the fertile lands to erode. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Mr Imran Khan has said that the #BillionTreeTsunami initiative would provide shelter to the tree-farming industry and would also curb soil erosion. School going children would also be requested to play their part in planting trees, Khan added.

Prevention from timber mafia

The PTI chairman has ensured that the forestlands in the province would be guarded by a trained and armed force. He also stated that the government would take action against those involved in timber smuggling and unnecessary tree felling.

Betterment of furniture industry

The initiative taken by the KP government is likely to prove favourable for the furniture industry. Increased forestation will provide more raw material, that is, wood for furniture production. The furniture industry is one of the most promising business sectors across the country and has a potential to offer colossal income both locally and also in foreign markets.

Forestation is the backbone of the furniture industry; however, rampant deforestation – as driven by the timber mafia – proves to be unfavourable for furniture production. supports #BillionTreeTsunami initiative and appreciates KP government’s plan to persevere and increase forests in the province.

We are of the view that the timber mafia should be taken to the task and a stern action should be taken against them to stop the menace of deforestation in the country. We also request the members and visitors of to spread the word to take part in drive against the timber mafia.

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