Reviews Pays Tribute to Antique-Furniture Rescuer Mr Abdul Ghafoor Khudaybiridi

furniture rescuer Mr Abdul Ghafoor Khudaybirdi

Abdul Ghafoor Khudaybirdi is a rescuer of old furniture and remains on a lookout of preserving the opulence of vintage items deep-rooted to the time of Mughals and Maharajas. is awed by the efforts of Mr Khudaybirdi to preserve vintage furniture, and pays tribute to him for his remarkable contribution to this classical segment of the furniture industry.

There lies an unusual furniture shop in Islamabad, which has taken up a task of reconditioning old furniture pieces. Yes, this is the place replete with wooden treasures – and is all set to take the Mr Khudaybiridi’s mission to a certain level of reality. Though the façade of the showroom is like Aladin’s cave, the inside story of the place is altogether different. Simply put, Khudaybirdi’s furniture shop provides a gateway to culture and history of a region, where the valuable art of carpentry is losing its flare with time.

Every furniture item and wooden piece in the showroom has a story to tell, and Mr Khudaybiridi is the man who puts these old tales into limelight. A farmer’s son, born in 60s in Turkestan (Afghanistan), Mr Khudaybiridi was used to herd camels, horses and sheep. He, however, was sent to Turkey when war broke out in Afghanistan. To further his academic career, he went to London – at the age of 18 – where he met a person with whom he started importing carpets from Pakistan and Turkey.

When he decided to settle with his family in Islamabad, his objective to preserve wooden relics and the skill of carpentry took shape of a furniture showroom and multiple workshops, where original materials from demolishing houses in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab are acquired to manufacture unique pieces. Mr Khudaybiridi was once requested to appraise old wooden items including door- frames and windows of a house in Gujrat, he entreated the owner to preserve the relic and walked away politely.

Mr Khudaybiridi is of the view that craftsmanship is a heritage that needs to be transferred from generation to generation. He has two workshops in Peshawar, one in Chiniot and four in Islamabad. He has a dream of establishing a cultural showroom or a museum to exhibit antique furniture and some of the doors he reclaimed.

Rampant urbanisation, deforestation, and industrialisation have become global concerns. Even the forest resources of Pakistan are shrinking with time, and there is a dire need for restoring and preserving these resources. Setting aside all these issues, abandoned vintage furniture will always find a home till Mr Khudaybirdi retires.

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4 thoughts on “ Pays Tribute to Antique-Furniture Rescuer Mr Abdul Ghafoor Khudaybiridi

  1. Kaifa says:

    Thank your for your well-written and really useful article Asma. Would you be so kind as to provide the contact/address details for Mr Abdul Ghafoor Khudaybiridi’s furniture showroom(s). That would enable readers to be able to puchase items from his stock and hopefully keep his craft alive. Thank you.

  2. Usman afzal says:

    I need to get address / contact details of the furniture showroom of mr. Abdul ghafoor khudaybirdi if you can please help me out.

    • Asma Anjum says:

      Dear Usman,

      Let us find out the contact details of Mr Khudaybirdi. We will inform you as soon as we get any information in this regard. Can you please tell us why you need to contact him.

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