Types of wood used in Pakistan for making furniture and other items

There are several types of furniture items available in the market. Furniture has numerous styles too. In Pakistan, people prefer to have luxurious and comfortable furniture. Preferably, hardwood from Walnut, Deodar, Teak, Chir Pine and softwood from Fir Chir Pine, and Hemlock are used in Pakistan in furniture manufacturing.

Furniture industry has gained popularity in the past few years. Alluring wood designs are widely used in roofs and walls. Wood is also used for construction purpose in Pakistan. Beautifully designed wooden pieces are mainly used for home decor.

Pakistani furniture is produces modern, antique, and formal furniture items. People prefer to have durable, comfortable, luxurious and beautiful wooden furniture for their house. There are various types of wooden furniture available in the market depending on the market demand.

Nowadays, people prefer not to waste time by visiting the market and try to purchase commodities online. There are several online websites available for online furniture purchase.

Hardboard is one of the widely used raw material made from wood chips in the furniture industry. It is used for making cupboards, wooden panels, door frames, desks, and also for window and door fittings.

Hardwood is usually taken from deodar, teak, and walnut trees. Hardwood is also used in ceilings and on walls and floors. For construction purposes mostly deodar wood is used in Pakistan. This wood type is rot resistant and is durable and strong.

Deodar looks astonishingly alluring when polished properly. Walnut wood is very famous for its dark pinkish color. Walnut wood is used for making furniture, wooden crafts, and also for walls and ceilings. Sometimes, it is used to finish floors because it is good moist resistance.  Teak wood is highly recommended for cabinets and furniture because of its glossy look. Teak wood is also used for window frames, as it has better tendency to resist moisture. Teak wood does not absorb moisture during monsoon season, hence used widely for doors and window fittings.

Fir, Chir Pine (Pinus roxburghi), and Hemlock are widely used in Pakistan as Softwood. Softwood is lighter than hardwood and can be bent easily. Fir is mostly used for furniture, and for windows and door panels. Fir has two types: blue fir and silver fir.

Chir Pine is taken from northern areas of Pakistan. People, who live in these areas build their houses with Chir Pine, but it is not suitable for making houses in southern areas. Chir Pine is also used for making door panels and furniture. It is mostly used for making different patterns on furniture.

Hemlock wood is known as Shekran in Pakistan. It is used for making furniture, doors, windows, and planks. Hemlock wood readily absorbs moisture, so it not good for floors.

Wood is mostly used to build houses in Northern areas of Pakistan. Softwood is usually used for planks, and lightweight furniture. People mostly use furniture made up of Hardwood in their houses. Softwood is preferably used for home décor items.

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