Things you should know about selling old furniture

Are you on a lookout to sell furniture? There are many reasons that entail selling old items; to name a few, you want to replace the furniture or you want to get rid of old furniture getting dumped in your store room. Whatever, the reason may be, you should know the following things while selling your old furniture.

value of furnitureKnow the value

Knowing the value of your furniture item (s) is of paramount importance, as it assists you in pricing the furniture reasonably and allows you to get the right amount of money.

Know the status of your furniture; is this just a trash or a valuable antique dating back to some special time period. Even if your furniture item (s) do not have an antique factor attached, but is/are usable, you can still get a good price. So, know the real value of the furniture item (s) you intend to sell. And how can you do that? In case of antique furniture design, you can consult the museum administration to know the value of the item. Otherwise, you can look for similar items in the newspaper or on the internet and know the value of your furniture.



Set appropriate priceset price

Obviously, you wouldn’t like to undersell and the sellers, on the other hand, wouldn’t pay you more than the value of the furniture item (s).

So, this entails the need of setting appropriate price of the item (s) you want to sell.
I suggest you to first know the market value of the furniture item and quote the price slightly above the market value to make a room for negotiation.

Never set price so high that no one would like to turn or return to buy your furniture item (s). Always bear in mind that the prospective customer (s) would be savvy enough to gauge if the price was overstated or understated.


how to sell



How to sell?

You can either advertise on the internet or contact a local newspaper to place an Ad in the classified section of the paper.
In Pakistan, however, people are used to contact furniture showrooms, who then visit the home, make an offer and prick up the furniture in case both parties agree on a particular price. This is the easiest way to sell old furniture item (s), but know that the furniture dealers have to factor in their profit margins, due to which you may not get the best price. So, try to reach the real buyers, instead of dealers, in order to secure a good deal.



Negotiate up to your extentnegotiate

You should have enough negotiation skills to negotiate well with the buyers.
Buyers always tend to bargain by using different techniques and words, but don’t get tangled by buyers’ modus operandi (techniques) of negotiation. Knowing the value of your furniture will help you in rationally negotiating with the buyer because you will never sell below the value that you confirmed from the market.

So, these are some of the important things that one should know while selling the furniture item (s). If you have any other idea in your mind, please feel free to use the comments section below.   

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6 thoughts on “Things you should know about selling old furniture

  1. Faisal says:

    I want to sell cupboards, bed and study tables. All I n very good condition. Reason is just that I want to buy single beds.

  2. Muhammad waseem says:

    I wnt to sale my furniture. Deco paint lasani wood double bed two side table dresing. Three door Almari. Istrih stand. 40000

  3. Mrs bilal says:

    I want to sale my ful room furniture double bed with side tables dressing table 3 side cupboard 3 tables with mirror 2 chairs and show case in price of 2’00000

  4. Riffath says:

    Could you pls guide me as to how to sell my used furniture. It’s all made by talent and taste and it’s not possible to give it at throw away prices

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