Tawajjah Farmain – we have cherry-picked classic wooden chest ideas for you!

Aap ki tawajjah ka shukria!

Wooden chests are no more in use these days. Perhaps the new generation is too busy in Whatsapp and Facebook that it does not want to pay heed to what type of wooden chests their forefathers used to keep to shelter their belongings.

In the current era, the most liked things become a status symbol, so much so that the owners of such items cannot keep themselves from bragging about their belongings on Facebook and Instagram. Kese kese log hain yaar!

Well, the chests we have cherry-picked for you today may not have anything to do with ‘status’, but they are certainly attractive enough to inspire awe and embellish your home.

Tou paish kerte hain beautiful wooden chests for the pleasure of your eyes:
chest-ideas-3 chest-ideas-4 chest-ideas-5 chest-ideas-6 chest-ideas-7 chest-ideas-9

chest-ideas-1 chest-ideas-10


I hoped you liked these wooden chests. If yes, then it’s pleasing for me too. Otherwise, you and me are enemies and this will remain a bone of contention between us unless you comment below and explicitly say that I do good work.

Boss ko khush kerna hai, samjha karo!

11 thoughts on “Tawajjah Farmain – we have cherry-picked classic wooden chest ideas for you!

  1. Fawad Nadeem says:

    Karein g karein khush.

    Letter to you boss

    Dear sir,

    You employee is working really well. She deserves a raise in her salary.

    Fawad Nadeem

    Ab koi mere boss ko b samjhaye. hahah

  2. Tariq Mian says:

    Hahaha, very nice. You know how to catch the interest of your readers. It is very much interesting. Keep it up.

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