Ducky Bar Stool

Ducky Bar Stool

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Product Description

Ducky Bar Stool is our running product and has the following features:


Seat and Back – the seat and back are made up of a wooden frame with a high density sponge covered by fine quality leatherette.

Arm Rests ­– The arm rests also have a wooden frame with a foamy layer covered by fine leatherette.

Base and middle rod – The base and middle rod of this kitchen or bar stool are made up of approximately 450 mm chrome.

Foot Rest – The footrest of the bar stool is also made up of fine quality chrome

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360-degree swivel action – This bar stool flaunts 360 degree swivel action, which means you can turn around and sideways while sitting in it.

Height adjustment – The height of the bar stool stool can range between approximately 95 cm to 115 cm. This feature makes this stool suitable for counter tops, shops, showrooms, kitchen tops, reception desks, restaurants and many other places. You can adjust the height by simply pulling up the lever under the seat while you are sitting in the stool.

Give rest to your feet ­– The footrest of the bar stool makes it comfortable while you sit in it. The footrest moves when you turn around, which means your feet will remain at the same place during the swivel action.

Ducky bar stool - Ducky bar stool - Ducky bar stool - Ducky bar stool -

Care Instructions

Do not stand on it – Please do not stand on the bar stool to make sure you do not fall to your face and hurt yourself

No fast swivels ­– When you are sitting in the bar stool, make sure you do not swivel fast. Otherwise, you may loose your balance and fall off to the ground

Clean well – In order to maintain the shimmery and shiny look of the bar stool for long term, make sure you clean the bar stool daily with a slightly wet cloth

Why buy from us?

Market competitive price: Our prices are market competitive, which means we offer value for money.

High quality: We strive to provide quality products to our customers, which is one of the reasons why we have clients in various cities of Pakistan.

Imported product: Even the screws of this product are imported, let alone its base, seat, back etc.


  • Width: 56 cm
  • Depth: 50 cm
  • Overall height: 95-115 cm
  • Seat height: 58 cm-78
  • Backrest height: 35 cm
  • Dia: 415 mm


  • Gas Lift
  • Semi-circle footrest
  • Chrome base
  • High quality
  • Best Rate
  • Reliable for long term use


Best for use in homes, offices, restaurants, shops, showrooms, beauty parlours, outlets, hospitals and outdoor spaces

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