Painting furniture yourself? Avoid these mistakes

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Some people like to paint their furniture pieces on their own, as it is frugal and fun at the same time. Recoating turns a shabby looking piece into a novel item, bolsters its curb appeal, and brightens up the living space. Simply put, painting imparts various benefits, but if you are planning to execute this fun-task on your own, you should avoid the following mistakes to avoid any disappointments after the job is done.

Leaving furniture item unclean before painting

Now that you have planned to do the paint job yourself, the job should be done well even if it turns out bit strenuous for you. Cleaning the furniture items thoroughly to remove the dust, oil or other similar substances may appear to be a hassle apparently, but snubbing this hassle may not allow the primer or paint to adhere to the furniture item and the paint may  start chipping away after some time. So, it is wise to remove dust and other substances before painting the furniture item in order to end up doing an upright paint job.

Overruling the use of primer

It is always recommended to use primer, unless you don’t develop a sense of when applying primer is necessary and when it is not. Painting without applying primer on the furniture surface may cause the paint to peel off and may put you in another mess of fixing the fault after you finish painting the item.

Not filling any cracks or holes properly

Sometimes it gets difficult for a naked eye to see small dings or holes in a furniture item, but the same dings become visible once the furniture item is painted. To find such tiny cracks, a flashlight should be used with its light shining at different angles over the surface of the furniture item to see all those petty holes and dings that require filling. Once the piece is painted, it would be a big hassle for you to fill the holes and redo the paint.applying paint on furniture

Using low quality brush

Spending some extra dimes to procure a good quality paintbrush may prove largely beneficial for you. Avoid using a cheap brush while painting any furniture piece, as a low-quality brush is likely to leave paint traces and bubbles, and may not provide you required finishing.

Always opt for a decent paint colour

Though funky colours look fun, but sometimes you get easily sick of groovy colour tones. It is suggested that you use a decent paint colour combination, matching to the overall tone of the living space where that particular furniture item is mounted so that you don’t regret it later.

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