How to Polish Wooden Furniture at Home – Exclusive Tips by

How to polish wooden furniture at home? Exclusive tips by

How to Polish Wooden Furniture at Home – Exclusive Tips by

Want to make your wooden furniture shine without spending much money? Then this article is for you, as it provides you the perfect guide on how a little care can make all the difference to your wooden furniture and make it aesthetically appealing and shimmer like new.

In order to restore the shine and preserve its grace, it is necessary to clean your furniture daily, as wooden furniture never goes out of fashion. Even an old piece of wooden furniture will look good if you follow some easy tips.


The best way to polish your furniture is to begin with mild cleaning and then move on to some pro cleaning techniques if you want to regain the lost sheen of your furniture items. So, give your furniture a fresh and new look by following these three simple methods:



  • Mineral Oil: It is used to rehydrate furniture and protect it from stains
  • Vinegar: It helps to clean the stains and dirt
  • Lemon Extract: It brings shine back and leave a pleasant odour.


  • 2 table spoons of mineral oil ( you can also use mustard or olive oil)
  • ¼ cup of distilled vinegar
  • ¼ table spoon of lemon extract (or fresh juice)


Mix all these ingredients together in any utensil and stir well using a spoon. Then sprinkle the polish on a clean piece of cloth and apply it gently on the wooden furniture. Evenly spread the polish on the furniture surface and avoid overdoing it.

Now remove the polish after some time with a clean piece of cloth. That’s it! You are done! Your furniture is ready to shine and glimmer.





  • ¼ cup of turpentine oil
  • ¾ cup of boiled linseed oil


Pour these ingredients in a jar and stir well to make a mixture. Then, using a microfiber cloth, apply this mixture on your wooden furniture. That’s it! Your furniture is ready to shine bright like a diamond!



  • Wood Wax: You can use carnauba wax, bee’s wax or paraffin wax. It creates a protective layer on wood, and keeps it glowing.


Apply wax on cheesecloth (loosely woven cotton gauze) and rub the cloth gently on the furniture. Then clear the additional wax with a clean cloth. Your furniture is ready to gleam.


  • Use oil on your wooden furniture instead of water, as water can cause the wood to wrap and crack. Even if you mistakenly drop water on your wooden furniture, don’t take long to clean it.
  • Don’t use vegetable oil or cooking oil
  • Never mix wax and oil. Use them separately to polish your furniture
  • Use oil only on those furniture items which have been varnished previously
  • Apply polishes and oils on the hidden areas of your furniture first to confirm if there are no undesirable results
  • Always use clean fabrics to polish your furniture

Follow these instructions properly in order to make your furniture shiny and presentable and let us know how these tips worked for you through your comments.

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