Handy Tips for Placing Furniture in a Room

arrange furniture wiselyThe placement of furniture in a room sets the manner for how you will live in it. Let me tell you some of the must-know tips for arranging furniture in a particular space.

Do a tape measurement

Determining the area and dimensions should probably be the first step for arranging furniture in a room. Either use of a tape measure for determining the size of your room or another tip: walk from heel to toe in your room and count your footsteps. Don’t forget to measure the dimensions of the door widths, stairs and hallways as well for ensuring that the space is enough for your potential furniture purchases.

Using a furniture mix

Every furniture item has its own width, depth and height. You should consider incorporating a variety of furniture in the room for adding visual interest to it. But when you aim for giving a serene look to a particular room, you should keep the furnishing volumes similar in that room. Otherwise, you should always use a synchronized mix of furniture for adding a new spark to your room.

You furniture should have a good mixNever forget to incorporate scaled pieces

Scale is defined as the size of furniture items in relation to one another and also the area of the space. Scaled furniture items provide certain serenity to the room. However, you should maintain a scaling balance while incorporating furniture in a particular space to create harmonious atmosphere. On the contrary, when you will overrule scaling, you will notice that your room will not give a comfortable feel.

Healthy relationship of furniture items

The relationship of furniture items to one another to form a pleasant atmosphere is entitled as furniture balance. There are two types of balance: asymmetrical and symmetrical. Asymmetry is referred to as an imbalance. For example, two candle-stands of different sizes placed next to each other. The symmetry, on the other hand, is likely to be the evenness of furniture items. You should incorporate both symmetrical and asymmetrical furniture in your room for adding visual motion and excitement to it.

So, by integrating these tips in your furniture placement pursuit, you can add a good and decent flavor to your space.

Good luck with your furniture placement!

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