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Furniture in your home or office never goes unnoticed. It makes your house a home and office a professional workplace.

Pakistan is rich in culture and the educated populace of the country is fond of interior decoration. This is one of the main reasons why many furniture makers, dealers and showroom owners capitalise on the furniture industry of Pakistan and bag massive returns.

Furniture produced by maestro artisans is considered as one of the best in the international market as well. The designs and the finishing of the furniture produced are spectacular because of which Pakistani furniture is well-known across the world.

Note: The furniture produced in Pakistan is a combination of eastern and western styles, due to the shared history with British.

The craftsmen of Pakistan are talented and skilful. They know the drill to carve out beautiful designs on different types of woods. These intricate carvings let Pakistani furniture stand out in the international market.

Our workers and labourers are usually unaware of the technical standards and are alien to the use of latest tools used today in the international markets. Though our artisans are oblivious of the latest machinery, they have still proved their mettle by producing high-quality furniture full of meticulously orchestrated designs.

Wooden furniture forms 95% of the total furniture market in Pakistan. The demand for Pakistani furniture has been rising constantly and our industry has the potential to export more than $1 billion worth of furniture annually to other countries. Leading furniture manufacturing cities of Pakistan are Gujrat, Peshawar, Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Chiniot. Let’s discuss the furniture produced in Karachi in detail now.


Sindh has a rich cultural heritage and its culture is even depicted in the furniture products.
Karachi is the business hub of Sindh. It has the largest population, compared to all other cities of Pakistan. The city by the sea has great business potential and its furniture industry is certainly no exception. Furniture for sale in Karachi includes almost every item. Well catering to contemporary needs, the artisans in Karachi know how to produce beautiful furniture designs.


Price of furniture in Karachi varies as per quality, type of wood and product designs. Karachi furniture has variety. Where the furniture made in Karachi caters to the contemporary needs of the elite class, it also addresses the needs of mid- and low-income strata of the society.


Akhtar Colony and Manzoor Colony play host to famous furniture markets in Karachi. According to an estimate, 6,000 to 7,000 furniture experts are employed in these markets and they produce the most beautiful furniture designs in Karachi.
In short, Karachi’s furniture market bodes well with international furniture trends and it is expected that this furniture market will grow further in the time to come.

Whether your style is simple, grand or luxurious, finding the perfect piece can be a bit challenging in Karachi, as there are many furniture stores in Karachi. That said, there are many places where you can get furniture items at an affordable price.


Here on, Pakistan’s No.1 furniture website, we have featured a host of furniture items for sale in Karachi. These items are being sold by different furniture sellers in Karachi.

Using the website, you can contact furniture manufacturers and sellers and buy the items of your choice. We suggest you browse all the items to choose the best item you need. Do not forget to mention when contacting furniture sellers. There is no need to visit different furniture markets in search of the items you need. Simply, use this website to quell your furniture needs.
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