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Pakistan’s share in the global wooden furniture market is significant. It is a fact that our nation has a history filled with craftsmanship and innovation in the field of wooden furniture.

The role of Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) cannot be neglected in this regard, as PFC has made huge efforts to increase furniture trade with other countries.

Almost every part of Pakistan depicts its own style of furniture items and Islamabad is certainly no exception. Read on to find out what the furniture industry of Islamabad offers.


The capital city of Pakistan manufactures furniture which has an aura of the east and the west. The city which is not as big as other metropolitan cities of Pakistan has a sumptuous collection of dining and living room furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture and kids furniture. Not only does the city produce a wide variety of furniture, but the furniture items manufactured here are also of good quality.


There are numerous furniture stores in Islamabad that produce quality furniture items. These stores cater to the demand for furniture in Islamabad. Many foreigners also live in the capital city; and even for them furniture showrooms in Islamabad have something to offer.

Whether you are looking for economical furniture items, or you want extra quality and you are ready to pay a premium amount, furniture brands in Islamabad have everything matching your requirements.

In the city, you will find furniture that reflects the culture and art of the past and is contemporary at the same time. The elite class of Islamabad, however, is inclined towards the type of furniture that has more western features. Thus, Islamabad furniture has different interesting aspects.

Some of those having furniture shops in Rawalpindi prefer to preserve the art of their region and are aimed at showing a picture of their culture in their furniture items.


Just like the quality of furniture offered by furniture sellers in Islamabad varies, prices of the products also vary to a large extent. You can find some products having high price tags, while some items are pretty economical.

Here on, you can find a range of furniture for sale in Islamabad. We suggest you browse all the items and compare their prices to find the best furniture pieces within your budget.

The contact details of sellers are mentioned with all the furniture products. You can call the sellers directly and finalise your deals.

Other than furniture showrooms in Islamabad, its twin city, Rawalpindi, also has a massive variety of furniture which is less expensive than the furniture in Islamabad.


The concept of buying furniture online is getting famous day by day. Catering to this demand of people for buying furniture online in Islamabad, we have set up this platform. With a large number of furniture sellers on board, there is no need for you to visit different furniture showrooms. So avoid the hassle and order furniture for sale in Islamabad online.

We strive to enhance your experience of furniture buying. In case you find any issue in getting furniture of your choice, please let us know through our contact us page.

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