Death of Rosewood Trees – A Havoc for Furniture Industry and Environment

sheesham tree furniture

Trees are equally important for the furniture industry as they are for the humankind. Simply put, trees are oxygen for the industry. However, the government seems to be paying no particular heed to the wilting forests and is perhaps unaware of the direful consequences.

A recent impairment is the gradual demise of Rosewood Trees also known as Sheesham Trees.

The warning bell is that the trees are wilting to death with time and if the situation is not handled on priority basis, the dearth of Sheesham Trees will become imminent, which will ultimate disturb furniture industry as well as environment.

According to Mr Malik Javed, who plays his part in research on forestry, Rosewood is one of the tree species which play an important role in soil fertility. The specie absorbs Nitrogen from the environment and transfers it to the soil and enhances its fertility.

Because of its durability, Roswood or Sheesham – found in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab – is quite popular with furniture manufacturers. Wood from this very specie is used to make high-quality furniture pieces, which last for six decades, according to Javed.

Possible reasons for mysterious death of Sheesham Trees

One theory is that the Sheesham trees mature in 19 to 21 years and have an approximate total life span of 60 years. Reportedly, the forest experts are of the view that the trees in question have completed their age, and have thus stopped to exude oxygen.

Another view is that the trees have fungi on their leaves and roots, which is causing their mysterious death.

While some scientists believe that soil lacks necessary nutrients, which hinders roots to supply water and other important minerals to other parts of the trees. Bacterial attacks are also thought to be one of the contributing factors to the death of the specie, per a news report.

Javed, however, attributes parasitical attacks, causing trees to shed leaves, to the silent death of Sheesham trees.

What are the possible solutions?

Scientists suggest that measures must be taken to prevent injuries to the roots of Sheesham trees, while maintaining the fertility of soil. According to a news source, the foresters are looking for substitutes to Sheesham Trees, in a bid to preserve environment and save furniture industry from the possible losses.

History of Sheesham Tree

The Rosewood specie was first imported to the sub-continent from by Nepal in 1860 and it was reportedly planted in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab in areas with abundant supply of water.

Request by requests those in charge to take immediate measures to stop Sheesham death, which may put our environment and furniture industry in peril. If need be, the officials concerned must take help from foreign researchers and find solutions to the matter. Otherwise, the situation will probably be very difficult to handle.

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