How to bargain with furniture sellers in Pakistan

Bargaining is an art! People bargain when buying furniture and other artifacts to the best of their satisfaction. Furniture sellers set the highest possible prices for the furniture items on offer. However, to purchase furniture in your budget you should try the following negotiation techniques.

Plan what you are going to purchase

It is recommended to check furniture catalogs before making a decision. Make your mind about the color and style of furniture before purchasing. If you are purchasing furniture for your organization then it must look sleek and stylish. If you are purchasing furniture for your home, the furniture items must be traditional or trendy. If you actually know what you want to buy, you will be in a better position to bargain with the seller.

Carefully inspect furniture

Before you start bargaining the price of furniture, you should carefully inspect furniture for any damage. If you find any damaged part or scratched paint, this can actually put you in a better spot to buy furniture at a lower price.

Check classified ads for furniture

Pakistan’s largest furniture website,, maintains a huge database of furniture products. You can browse furniture items online to get a fair idea of their market value. In this case, the seller will not be able to fleece you for your lack of knowledge.

Prepare yourself for the deal

Be confident while dealing with the seller. Try to negotiate to the maximum extent possible and avoid revealing your full willingness to buy the furniture piece you find adorable. If a seller gets to know that you really want an item, you will not remain in a strong position to negotiate.

Examine furniture’s shine and cleanliness

It is important to inspect the furniture carefully for the shine and cleanliness before buying it. If you find anything unfitting, don’t feel shy to bargain about it with the seller.

Account for transportation charges in the deal

Because no seller will provide you free home delivery, so it is better to be proactive. While negotiating with the furniture seller, you should always account for the charges you will have to bear for transportation. Otherwise, negotiate in a way that the seller agrees to pay for delivery.

Take your time to make a decision

Don’t rush to take a quick decision. Think carefully about all the odds and ends. Always keep your budget in your mind before buying furniture. Don’t forget to mention all the flaws which you have found in the furniture items you want to buy. Try to persuade the seller with logical reasoning. Offer a price which is acceptable for seller and for yourself as well. Do an ideal bargain and bring home the furniture pieces you love.

Happy furniture buying!

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  1. Hina Shahid says:

    There are very basic tips, but at least you are writing something about the furniture industry. That’s appreciable!

    Do you also deliver furniture?

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